Hi, My name is Angeline Temple. I am a proud mother of two boys, now men, An Author, Holistic Chef, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Speaker, Culinary Consultant and cancer survivor.

It’s been almost 10 years since I became a blogger. Back then I had absolutely no idea what a blog was. After reviewing one of my post on Facebook, my son, Robert told me that I was blogger. It was such a revelation! I’ve always been passionate about sharing valuable information and would often express my thoughts and ideas via my Facebook posts. It didn’t matter what it was. If I thought it was extremely important; in my head, I simply knew that “everyone needed to know this!” So with all the excitement in me, I would write these long ass paragraphs aka Facebook post for all the active listeners.

As Robert stood behind me watching and reading what I was writing, he brought it to my attention, that I was indeed a blogger and carefully explained what a blogger was. Like I said, I had no clue. I was just being authentically ME (a magnificent light of being who enjoys writing, speaking and sharing information). At the time, Robert was about 14 years old and very computer savvy. Matter of fact, he designed this website. Thank God for babies! I’m so trying to be tech savvy and so appreciative for all the lessons I received from him.

I had always been passionate about food and all things culinary and would frequently post photos of my breakfast lunch and dinner for all to see. Robert came up with this brilliant idea, that due to the overwhelming searches on the web for curry chicken; I needed to write a recipe and he would have ‘my curry chicken recipe” rank number one in the google search engine. I had no idea what this google search engine was (now it’s my best friend), but I agreed with Robert, because he was so such a freaking genius. Then somehow the curry chicken recipe idea turned into a cookbook “From My Taste Buds To Yours.”

Let’s rewind a bit. In 2004 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, ductal carcinoma in situ. I opted for bilateral mastectomy (I didn’t know any better back then). I just wanted to be home to take care of my boys D’Angelo, my youngest, Robert my eldest and my grandma Dulcie. I refused chemotherapy because I simply needed to get home to my family and resume living. I wasn’t aware of the benefits of healthy food and living holistically and healing from the inside out. I have always been a firm believer in cooking from scratch but I was still using a lot of ‘food like substances’ aka packaged dead foods, which contributed to cancer. I was released from the hospital with absolutely zero knowledge on nutrition.

A few years later, endometriosis invaded my body. I had surgery which failed and left me in unbearable pain each month. When my doctor didn’t have any answers for me, I decided to take control of my life and became the CEO of My Health.

I began to research, eat real food and juice religiously in an effort to heal my body. It’s been a journey but I’m so freaking proud of myself. No more medications. No more surgeries. Regular periods. Energized. Mental Clarity. Natural Remedies that works even better than prescriptions. Wow! A whole new world had opened up to me. Don’t get me wrong. If there is a life threatening emergency and surgery is necessary then I will use my common sense and opt for surgery. Breast cancer is NOT life threatening. Cancer is NOT a death sentence. I wish I had know that in my time of need. I continued to cook from scratch but now I was health conscious. I was and is still on a mission to improve and save lives and let the whole world know that CANCER IS NOT A DEATH SENTENCE.

I began to share my healthy habits on social media educating others about food substitutes and the ‘food like substances’ which has been contributing to chronic disease and slow poisoning which can be fatal. Overnight, something magical happened. Everyone was seeking health advice from me, the chef. I considered myself a home cook, I still do, because home cooked food has so much soul. (At least mine does). Even though I graduated from Le Cordon Bleu college of Culinary Arts, I do believe home cooked food is where the love is. Now there was a d’luscious twist to it. My culinary delights were soulful, flavorful, comforting and HEALTHY! I don’t know about your food but I need flavor.

With the demand for advice on living holistically, I decided, why not further my education so I can be of greater value. And so I did. I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and now I’m a Certified Holistic Health Coach. Life is Grand!

Journey with me.