Ackee Heirloom Tomato Salad


Ackee Salad with heirloom tomatoes DSC_0772Even though the combination of ackee served with salt fish and earth provisions is normal and customary in my birth land of Jamaica; there isn’t a rule that mandates ackee to be served as such every single time.  I’m a little adventurous. Ok, well maybe a lot adventurous. I must admit, my palate is a bit sophisticated. I’m evolving on a higher level and I know without a doubt that my eating habits have contributed to my renewed spirit.  I choose to honor and respect my Temple, by selecting foods that are nutrient dense.

On days that my body yearns for earth food, and earth food only, I embrace my intuition and listen to my body’s needs. Years ago, I would have never fathomed the idea of an ackee salad, however my creativity has no limits and my taste buds have gone into ‘over drive drive’ if there is such a term.  I’m enjoying every bit of my new found freedom and livity.

I cannot stress the importance of listening to your body. I am my primary care physician. I am the first to know when there is an imbalance in my body; when something feels different. By nature, I’m attentive, focus and sort of a perfectionist. So when my body instructs me to add greens and heirloom tomatoes to a plate of ackee, that is exactly what I will do….and make it sexy and appealing too. I eat with my eyes first. The more visually appealing; the more d’luscious and satisfying it will be, while nourishing my soul on every level.  Avocados makes everything taste exceptional.  It has the shape of a uterus, therefore making it excellent for my uterus. Pay attention. Isn’t that how nature intended?

Ackee salad? Yeah. Of course. Ackee salad. Why not? Sometimes you gotta think outside of the box. Play with your food.

Have you been listening to your body?



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