Ackee Ratatouille with Wild Caught Cod and Broccoli


ackee ratatoille IMG_8047Jamaica’s National Dish has gone wild!

Or I could say, it’s gotten a little healthier.
Either way, it’s on and popping!

Did I ever tell you how much my son Robert LOVES ackee? Yes he does. He prefers the traditional ackee and salt fish. One of the changes that I’ve made to my diet is substituting the traditional salted fish with wild caught fish.  Robert approves the wild caught fish, as long as it’s cod. There really is no significant difference in the taste.

Robert is very adventurous with food EXCEPT his ackee and saltfish. I have re-invented and recreated this dish many many times and I must say, every last one of my ackee masterpieces are just as d’luscious as the next. Robert and vegetables just don’t see eye to eye and so I had to prepare two different pots.  Boy did he miss out on all the goodies! The child used to eat his salads and stuff but I don’t know what happened. It doesn’t really concern me that he doesn’t like to EAT his vegetables because this boy will walk out the farmer’s market, buy his produce and JUICE like there is no tomorrow.

ackee ratatoille IMG_8047

My other son D’Angelo LOVES his veggies. He is definitely his mother’s child, which makes me glad that I did not return him to the hospital where I had given birth. I threaten to do that lots, but since he is 16 years old now, I guess it’s way too late for that.  D’Angelo be tearing up his salads like his life depended on it. Whilst both my children share similar qualities of mine; my taste buds are just simply out of this world and I love it! I’ve disciplined myself to nourish my Temple with as much healthy food as I possibly can, hence this culinary masterpiece of Ackee ratatouille with wild caught cod and broccoli. And oh let me tell you about the ratatouille! OMG! The eggplant, the broccoli, the tomatoes and the juices from all the vegetables united in harmony and thanked me. It’s as if they were holding hands singing kumbaya.

Yes, I said kumbaya. Don’t judge me.

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