Ackee with Roasted Cauliflower, Cabbage and Okras


Ackee with roasted cabbage IMG_8383
Stop counting calories and start counting chemicals. All the threadmill, cycling, kickboxing, cardio and all the exercise in the world isn’t adequate to maintaining optimal health. YOU NEED TO EAT!  Yes, if you wanna maintain a steady weight, you need to eat. Food is not your enemy. The culprit is unhealthy food selections. If your goal is to loose weight and remain healthy, you better start in the kitchen. Yes, I said in the kitchen, not in the gym. Don’t get me wrong. You do need to exercise, however, if you fail to choose healthy eating habits then your exercising in vain.

I personally don’t care to loose weight and I DON’T diet. Never have and don’t care to. I consider myself thick and I love it that way. I adore my physique and everything about my body; from my thick lips, to my round ass, to my fat ankles. I love it all. Yass I loves me some me!  People always ask me, “how do you eat so much and never gain weight?” Look at my plate. This photo of  ackee and saltfish with roasted green cauliflower, purple cabbage and okras with that tender piece of white yam isn’t just for show. This was my dinner: An excellent paleo option.

Ackee with roasted cauliflowerIMG_8423
Let me say it again. Look at my plate. I eat REAL FOOD; foods from the earth. This recipe is fairly simple. My cookbook, From My Taste Buds To Yours teaches you how to roast your vegetables and cook from scratch without the use of artificial ingredients. My motto is, if you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it. I cook without sacrificing flavors and my culinary delights speaks volume. Everything on this plate is nutrient dense and boast a wealth of health benefits. Begin by making changes in your diet.

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