Almond flavored Chai Golden Milk


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Repeat after me, “Cancer is not a death sentence”.  Affirm it.  Say it again and again until you believe yourself.  No matter what you are going through, trust and believe that you are an overcomer. God has blessed us with the earth: land and sea, which provides natural healing for our bodies. Listen to your body. Your body speaks to you. My body speaks to me all the time. Be mindful. Just Listen. You know your body more than any one else. It’s your body. It’s where you live, so take care of your Temple and it will take care of you.

My body speaks to me all the time. I’ll be moseying on about my business and out of nowhere, my body sends a message.
“Get up and go make some turmeric milk” says my Temple.
I had so much to do and really wasn’t in the mood to go make anything. I had already had dinner and was super cozy. But being the obedient child that I am, I listened to my body, my spirit and trusted my intuition.

On a regular basis, I would go into the kitchen for one thing (like to reheat food or something) and wind up cooking a buffet. Like, who does that? I wanted to finish my research, listen to some lectures, update my website, return phone calls, ya know, things like that. But, I told my self I would just go into my sanctuary and make it quick. After all it was only turmeric milk so how difficult could that be.

I should really know myself by now. I really should. What should be quick, usually takes a little time for me, and I don’t mind, because I’m all about building flavors. I don’t like boring food. No siree bob! I’m not into fighting but my palate be wanting to fight boring food.

I had made some almond milk the day before, so that was going to be my base. Next thing I knew, I was in the cupboard pulling down all kinda warm spices. Did I tell you that cardamon was da bomb? Then I was grating ginger and before you knew it, I was sipping the pot before I had a chance to pour it in my tea cup. Spices are so soothing, they really warm my heart and soul.

Turmeric is ONE of the spices that makes curry and I’ve add it to a few of the dishes in my cookbook. It is anti- cancer, anti-inflammatory and boasts a wealth of health benefits. However, on its own, turmeric isn’t bioavailable (easily absorbed into our body, providing the nutrients). The acids in our stomach dissolves turmeric before it reaches our intestines. To increase turmeric’s bioavailability, add a healthy fat such as coconut oil AND black pepper (BioPerine aka black pepper extract).  It is imperative to our health to get those nutrients absorbed.

I want you to close your eyes and taste the fusion of turmeric, ginger,  almond milk, coconut sugar, vanilla (home made), nutmeg, cinnamon and a host of warm spices including cardamon. Oh and the coconut oil. Oh Lord help me! Can you taste it? It’s pure unadulterated Chai Goodness!

Say in affirmation : “I am blessed with all that I need to heal my body from the inside out”.
Tap into your magic and receive it.

Now, didn’t that feel amazing?

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