Ange’luscious Hazelnut Chocolate Spread


ange'luscious hazelnut chocolate spread
My fear of endometriosis led me on a journey for all things soy free.  There are many things that I do eat, that is considered taboo. I choose not to eliminate any one food group from my diet. I choose to eat in moderation. I choose NOT to eat processed foods that have little or no nutritional value. In my opinion and household: processed food is taboo.

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I am now cancer free. At the time, the oncologist gave me specific instructions to refrain from eating soy. Back then I wasn’t as aggressive and passionate about eating foods from the earth. I always ate a balanced meal. My plate have always been colorful, but I ate lots of processed foods. I wasn’t aware of artificial flavorings, food colorings and all the nasties that were added to processed foods. They tasted great and I filled my family up on lots of ‘foolishness’ that held no nutritional value.

Of all the specialists that I had encountered, there were only two which resonates with me up until today. The oncologist who instructed me to avoid soy and the gynecologist who suggested a raw diet. I wasn’t even aware of raw diets as in vegans. All I knew was that vegetarians don’t eat meat, but they ate fish. It wasn’t until a few years that I learned the difference between vegetarians, pescetarians, vegans etc.

Anyhoo, my son D’Angelo and I LOVE nutella, that’s the hazelnut chocolate spread. If I went to the supermarket and purchased a 5 pound tub, it would be gone before the week was over. D’Angelo has absolutely no discipline with food. Most of the snacks that I enjoyed contained soy. With me being a foodie, it was easy and  effortless for me to prepare food from scratch with much glee. I kinda got tired of passing up the nutella because of the soy. What was more frustrating was trying to find chocolate that was soy free. Like OMG does soy have to be in everything!

Chocolate Balls

I finally found the soy free chocolate and later on realized that all along through months of searching, that I had chocolate balls from Jamaica, which has no soy. Duh!!! OMG all this time and I could have made my hazelnut chocolate spread from scratch, eat it on crackers, or bread, or pair it with bananas and drizzle it on my pancakes, or just simply eat it off the spoon!!

I am relieved!!!!

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