Ange’luscious Omelette with mini heirloom tomatoes and spinach


emmaluscious omelette

Omelettes….ahhh….I can never get enough. Maybe it’s due to the fact that it can be put together with almost any ingredient, as long as the base factor are eggs. I love omelettes and have them at least once or twice per week. Sometimes I have moments where I eat them once every day. Eggs are easily transformed into gourmet dishes, substituting or eliminating whatever you desire.

Hierloom tomatoes, spinach and cheese made it all too d’luscious for not just myself, but for everyone in the house. This is an open faced omelette. I eat those a lot. I start by making an omelette but then I add everything but the kitchen sink which makes it impossible for the omelette to seal.

It started out as an omelette in a 12 inch skillet. Yes, I know that’s really large and could feed around seven people, but you gotta remember how greedy I am,  and that I have a fantabulous relationship with food. Sometimes more can be better, and in this case it definitely was the best. I had to fold the omelette several times to achieve a ‘normal’ size that would fit on my plate. Oh and did I mention those mini heirloom tomatoes? Yeah I did and I’m gonna mention them again. I simply love that burst of flavor in my mouth. It juicy and d’luscious and adds such flair to a simple dish.

Start maximizing the flavor in your eggs. Make omelettes. You’ll be glad you did.

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