Are you afraid of your medical diagnosis?


We were sitting across from each other, up close, when I noticed a lump on the left side of his throat.
“Do you realize there is a lump in your throat? It’s right here.” I said, as I touched it.
“Denise nuh badda wid it enuh!” he responded in fear.
“Didn’t you just have a doctor visit the other day?” I asked.
“Yes” he replied.
“So how come the doctor didn’t notice that there is a lump in your throat?”
“Denise nuh badda wid it enuh!” he responded again in fear.
“I’m not doing anything. If I can see the lump in your throat, why didn’t the doctor notice it. Matter of fact, why didn’t you see it. You look at yourself in the mirror everyday. You wash your face everyday. If I can see it from here then anyone can see it. Don’t you pay attention to your body?” I asked.

I know, I had a slew of questions, cause it kinda irked me that the doctor hadn’t notice this. Did the doctor look at the floor during the entire visit or did he look him in the eye? It just didn’t make sense to me. Anyway, he kinda ignored my comment because he didn’t want to face the reality. He was already being treated for thyroid issues and has so much faith in his thyroid medications that never fails to throw his entire hormonal balance out of whack. Never in my life have I seen anyone with such serious hormonal imbalance and side effects. But hey, the doctor told him to take them and assured him he would be on them for the rest of his life. And he believed that. He accepted that. No matter how much I try to tell him that he doesn’t have to accept the diagnosis and that he can heal his body from the inside out, simply by making diet and lifestyle changes. Some folks are just plain brainwashed.

Go head on with your crazy side effect, no resolution medication. Suit yourself. I would find myself bringing awareness to him about the side effects, because his body was so ‘off’ that he himself didn’t seem to notice them.  Maybe he thought it was normal. So, anyway, he returned for a visit  to discuss the lump in his throat. After the visit, I asked, “what did the doctor say?”

“He said it was nothing.” he replied.
“Did he run any test on you?”
“No he just felt it and said it was nothing”
“And you just accepted that and left the office?” I asked.
“Denise, you know mi nuh have nuh insurance and dat ago cost money.”

As much as I dislike free clinics, I would have to find one that would at least make an attempt to properly diagnose. I’m not a fan of repeat visits either. Reason being:
I’ve had my fair share of doctor visits.
You wait for 2 hours in the waiting room to see the doctor for 2 minutes.
Then the doctor reads your lab results (if you had some done previously), matches a prescription to the diagnosis, writes you the prescription (with more side effects of course) and send you on your merry way.
That’s not my definition of living or healing.
I don’t like waiting and I don’t like lines.
The only lines I’m willing to wait on, are supermarket and farmer’s market lines.

I personally rely on my body to guide me. I’m in tune with my body. I’ve done enough research to to know how to fix myself and if I don’t know, trust and believe, I’m going to find the answers. I’m passionate about my health. I’ve told my children repeatedly, that the last thing in this world they need to worry about is sickness. As long as I’m here and they adhere to my instructions, there won’t be any sickness. I refuse to accept being on prescription medication for the rest of my life.

My health is high priority. I don’t know about anyone else but my health is high on the list of my priorities. Furthermore, I refuse to accept an “it’s nothing” diagnosis out of fear, then resume to my daily activities when you know deep down inside that something ain’t right. But because you found comfort in the ‘white coat” and the “it’s nothing” diagnosis, you ignore all the signs and symptoms. Stop it. Pay attention. Be present. Later on down the line, when shit hits the fan, it may be too late to address the health condition because it’s so advanced. Don’t lie to me. I’m a big girl, I can take it.

There is no reason to be afraid. Fear contributes to more sickness. Fear breeds negativity. Knowing is empowering. Knowing puts me in a position to correct the issue. There is a solution to every problem. I have to admit that I’m one of the rare people on this planet who (at this point in my life) doesn’t fear disease. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, instead of becoming fearful, my first question to the doctor was “What do we do now? Where do we go from here?” In my head, I was ready to conquer this. Back then I wasn’t even aware of healing foods, but I was ready to annihilate this health issue and go take care of my family.

If you find yourself in a situation, where you receive an unpleasant diagnosis, please find support; a friend, relative, online forums, community programs, they are out there. Don’t punish yourself and do this all alone, if you are fearful. You may experience all different kinds of emotions at first, which is natural, but there comes a time when you just gotta put on your big girl panties or big boy boxers and face reality. You can be healed. Do what it takes to heal yourself. Every dis-ease can be healed. The earth is abundant in healing foods. Eat to live. Eat yourself healthy. Don’t accept diseases. Your body is capable of healing itself from the inside out. All you need is consistency, determination and proper guidance. Dismiss the word “no cure'” from your vocabulary. Stop having faith in fear.

Are you ready to face your fears?

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