Asian inspired Salad with Bok Choy


I eat my greens because they are my natural source of vitamins, my medicine cabinet, my flu shot, and my health care. I don’t buy vitamin pills that are loaded with fillers and synthetic ingredients. I like my vitamins straight from the earth.  Salads are sexy, nourishing, satiating and shouldn’t be boring.  I eat salads regularly and alternate between earth foods to create interesting flavor profiles that never disappoints.

Dieting, yo-yo dieting, or the most recent weight loss fad has never been my obsession. I enjoy sexy salads that sometimes includes Asian vegetables and create lots of meals using them, such as this Asian inspired salad with bok choy, broccolini, sesame seeds, noodles and a whole lotta goodness. It’s quiet a treat and pairs well with any meat of your choice or simply enjoy solo if you are vegan. What diet?

Aisan slaw DSC_0143
Diets never work. I have never been on a diet or encouraged anyone to diet.
Why? Because chances are: You end up depriving yourself of nourishing foods and wind up cheating because of your inability to commit.
What do you do when the diets over? What do you do when you’ve reached your desired goal?
The diet ends. You return to old habits and slowly but surely, all that you had worked so hard to achieve (from the diet) vanishes in thin air. As if it was all in vain.  I personally do not believe in removing any food groups from my diet. I avoid processed foods as much as possible and load up on the earth foods.

Did you diet because you wanted to fit into that slinky little black dress?
Or maybe you just wanted to loose a few pounds for your high school reunion?
Did someone tell you that you had to count calories?

My advice is simple: Eat real food. I’ve never counted calories a day in my life. It’s something that I just never understood. It never made sense when I was a child; still doesn’t make any sense today and seems pretty tedious. Calorie counting takes the fun out of eating, when food should be celebrated. How can one enjoy a meal if you are fixated on your caloric intake? I don’t even wanna be disturbed when I’m eating, because I want to savor the flavors and fall in love with the food. I wanna feel that ‘food love’ deep down into my soul.

Adapting to a holistic lifestyle is so much more rewarding, because it’s a lifestyle, not a trend or fad. Adding more REAL food (from earth or sea) into your diet regularly will crowd out the junk. I encourage others to limit processed foods as much as possible. Sooner than later, all the toxic cravings will be a thing of the past. Those pounds begin to fall off without effort and you will feel and look better.

Eat real food. Your body will thank you.

What diets have you tried?  What was the outcome?




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