Balsamic Roasted Chicken with Purple Carrots and Cabbage


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I’m an avid promoter of health and wellness and at times, I receive inquiries/concerns from non meat eaters such as, “I love your dishes, but I see you still eat meat.”  I have never made any claims to being vegan. Whenever my body decides to go vegan, then I will listen. Until then, I will continue to eat meat because it works wonderful for my body. For the record: I am not ashamed of eating meat.

I am a firm believer of bio-individuality which simply translates to: “What’s one man’s food is another man’s poison.” Simply put; what works for one person may not necessarily work for another. Example: Beets are healthy and I love beets, however I’m absolutely sure there are many people who will vomit at the sight of, or whenever they eat beets. Sure, it’s  a healthy, wholesome, unprocessed food but some bodies will reject it.
DSC_0847My body does extremely well with meat. I do not eat meat every single day (and even if I did, it would be because my body asked for it). I’m in tune with my body and I listen to it. I’ve never been diet specific. I’ve never encouraged anyone to remove any specific food groups from their diet (unless it’s with a client who has specific goals). I inspire and encourage others to overdose on earth foods; to cook from scratch without the use of artificial ingredients and preservatives.
My body will never tell me to go raw (uncooked). If there is ever any certainty in my life about anything, it’s that my body doesn’t do well on a strict raw food diet.  I’m cringing just thinking about it. They say never say never but this hot bodied queen HATES cold food. I HATE cold sandwiches and I don’t use the word hate often. It’s not even in my vocabulary, but I just wanna get my point across. Cold foods stagnates my blood. It feels unsettled and undigested in my stomach. I drink herbal teas all day, every day, even with dinner. I can’t speak for any one else’s body but this Temple loves warm foods. In warmer months, I do appreciate cold beverages whenever my body is overheated, but other than that, I enjoy my “cold foods” at room temperature or warm. If it’s a cold sandwich, it has to be toasted.

My body will not eat beef everyday. It simply can’t. How do I know that? I know my body. Even if I ignored my body’s signals and attempt to eat what it doesn’t want; after chewing, I am forced/compelled to spit out whatever is in my mouth. It will not make it past my throat. I don’t do that purposely. My body does. If I try to swallow, I will hurl. The same spitting out of food occurs when my belly is full and my greedy ass tries to eat the remnants on my plate, be it vegetables or be it meat. When I’m full, I’m full and nothing else can pass my throat.  I don’t need a gastric bypass to tell me when I’m full. My body knows. When I say listen to your body, I seriously mean listen to your body.

I’m an advocate for earth foods and all things culinary. I express my creativity and my love of earth foods through many different social media platforms. My cookbook encourages cooking from scratch with earth foods, without the use of artificial ingredients and preservatives, without sacrificing flavors. With much pride, I will shout from any mountain top that I am anti-chemicals, anti-food coloring, anti-additives, anti- preservatives, anti-food like substances and will deter anyone who will listen, to avoid/limit processed foods in packages and to encourage them to nourish with nature.

While meat may not be included in your diet, it works great for me. My balsamic roasted chicken with purple carrots, cabbage and other root vegetables was satiating, d’luscious and divine. This is my definition of a wholesome meal, with unprocessed ingredients, all farmer’s market finds. I will continue to overdose on vegetables but right now, at this moment, meat works for me. I’m unapologetic for eating what my body requires to keep me nourished.

What can you say you know for sure about your body?

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