Banana-Walnut-Cranberry-Rum Cake


I cook most of the time but I do bake some slamming cakes as well. The first cake I baked was probably a banana cake. I love banana fritters and I will add banana anywhere and to anything simply because it’s a boss fruit. Yes, bananas are boss.
Need a little energy?
Eat a banana and see how quickly your body gets a boost. It’s loaded with potassium. 

Bananas create a super moist and d’luscious cake . I’m looking at this photo and ready to go and bake another cake right now. It’s that serious. I always have cranberries on hand and they are perfect additions to any dessert. I use them to sweeten my warm cereals or just eat them whenever I’m in the mood.

What’s a cake without a little crunch?
Walnuts add a nutty texture, so if you’re aiming for texture, you definitely want to add nuts. I love the texture of walnuts on anything; desserts, salad, parfaits….anything. Guess what? Nuts are good for you too.

As for the rum, it may or may not be a good thing for you, but it damn sure brings along pizzaz on just about anything!

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