Basil and Spearmint Tea



It is recommended that you drink a glass of warm water, first thing in the morning.  Now that I am a food enthusiast and enjoys researching and reading about food. I realize that having warm water each morning stimulates the kidneys.  In the land of my birth, which is Jamaica, it is traditional that we drink tea in our home, each and every morning. My son D’Angelo, who is American born, wasn’t exactly excited about this “tea thing”  and I didn’t really impose it upon him at first. Breakfast  was usually any kind of tea served with bread and butter.  Have you every had fresh baked bread with butter? Totally Awesome. It was and still is for most individuals, the first meal of the day. Most American children are quite different. They are accustomed to breakfast cereals. Whenever I prepared cooked meals for breakfast, my kids usually requested juice. That was once upon a time. My son, D’Angelo is really embracing and loving the joy of having and drinking teas nowadays. It doesn’t even have to be a morning regime. He enjoys it any time throughout the day, just like his mommy. He even describes teas in his own words as: soothing. I am really happy for him. I guess practice really does become perfect.

I have recently acquired a green thumb and  have started my own little garden. I often use the herbs from my garden to make tea. D’Angelo and I seem to enjoy the basil and spearmint tea. The combination of the two herbs just can’t be beat. He takes such great pride in cutting off a piece of the plant each morning. I guess it makes him feel like a man.  He is so helpful and is always over extending his services in the kitchen. We both love the aromas from the teas. It tantalizes your senses and sort of waft throughout the entire house and creates such a calming effect.

Making tea is fairly simple. I steep every plant or spice that emits any kind of  flavor. Herbs, weeds, roots and leaves all have medicinal properties. The flavor tends to be stronger in the stems. Basil isn’t just for pasta, pizza or pesto. Basil n Spearmint Tea is relaxing and taste even better as a tea, as opposed to being one of the ingredients in another recipe. I usually stand over the kettle of basil tea (I use my kettle for everything tea) and inhale all of its goodness. Forget about the tea bags and try some Basil n Spearmint Tea. Your life will never be the same.

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