Beetroot and Purple Potato Chips


Beetroot and Purple Potato Chips

Now that I’m aware of the toxicity that’s hidden in most foods on the shelves in the grocery stores, I’m surprised at how disciplined I can be. Food disciplines me. Cooking from scratch allows me to omit ingredients that no longer serves my higher being. For me, it’s also quality control. I know exactly what’s in my food because I prepared it without the use of chemicals or preservative. My ingredients are all natural and I don’t have to rely on additives that are addictive. I enjoy the taste of fresh, pure and unmasked foods. Cooking from scratch can be time consuming, but I don’t mind spending that extra time to nourish and nurture my temple, with ingredients that my body is designed to process.

At times I want to snack and for me, that’s usually fruits, nuts or banana fritters which I’ve been frying up since I was 10 years old. However, sometimes I feel the need for some chips. It’s been approximately three to four years since I’ve purchased any brand of chips that represents the Standard American Diet. I’ve learned to read the labels and realized that most of the ingredients are artificial and the ‘natural flavors’ on those packages have me curious as ever. What is ‘natural flavors?’ If it’s so natural, why are they listed individually ?

Beetroot Chips

To grant my spirit peace of mind, I find time to prepare the foods that serves me well. If it means making my own beet and potato chips, then that’s what I will do. I fry them in coconut oil or avocado oil. I don’t feel bad or guilty for frying either, because I don’t use oils that are highly processed.

It really annoys me, when I walk into a health food store and notice that snacks/chips that are labeled ‘healthy’ still have lot of unhealthy ingredients. (I read the ingredients, not the marketing pitch on the front of the product). Thank God I’m usually forced to prepare my own, because these beets and purple potato chips are absolutely d’luscious!

Who would have thought that purple potatoes and red beets would have tasted so divine?

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