Callaloo, Avocado and more….on a Toasty Baguette


For the last two days, I have not been eating as I should. Yes…me…the foodie hasn’t been eating properly.  These past few days have been hectic, hectic. First, my cousin came from Jamaica to visit. He was on his way to New York but he had a connecting flight, which meant a 5 hour lay over in Florida. So since he wanted to see his grandma, which is also my grandma, and she lives with me, I had to pick him up from the airport. So we chatted and  of course I can’t let my guest visit and not show them some hospitality, so I cooked.  I made Stir fry Curry Shrimp with rice. My cousin Kevin really enjoyed it. We all enjoyed it. That was the last balance meal that I remember eating.

Then there was the weekend. Uuuugggh!  My weekends are just absolutely ridiculous whenever I have to run errands. Then I got caught up into the Olympics. Usain Bolt, Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce and all the athletes representing Jamaica, are certainly making me and the entire Jamaica proud.  Then, I had to get my niece Racqucala who is visiting from Massachusetts.  I could go on and on about all my activities, but as you can see, the events for the past couple of days have been hectic.

Callaloo, Avocado, Tomato Sandwich

Now this morning I woke up, went into my  kitchen aka my Sanctuary and gave it a well deserved cleaning. I made a strawberry, banana, blueberry smoothie; mopped the kitchen floors  with hot water and was ready to get down in the kitchen, when my eldest son Robert ordered me to go on the road with him. I thought it would be quick, you know, back in a jiffy type of outing. To my surprise, our little trip lasted about 3 hours. By then, I was majorly hungry and couldn’t wait to return home, because I knew exactly what I was going to eat. I had a meal carefully executed in my mind. I had previously cooked two huge bunches of callaloo and still had left overs from my Emancipated Callaloo. It was time to repurpose this healthy dish.

The minute I returned home, the first thing I did was drink another glass of smoothie. Actually I shared what was left, between Racqucala and myself. She just asked me not too long ago if I could make another smoothie.  I am chilling right now…writing this here long ass story like I usually do. I could use another smoothie too but I am so craving some cucumber juice. My electrolytes are getting low and I can feel it.  It’s true. A friend of mine, once told me that her electrolytes were low. She is a health nut and at the time, I wasn’t into all this healthy stuff and I laughed my ass off.  I thought it was so hilarious. The words were music to my ears. So now that I can relate, I am using the same terminology.  I haven’t juiced or taken my black strap molasses in a few days either . First thing tomorrow morning, I will be juicing my ass off.

Well this callaloo sandwich is far beyond emancipated….it tun up!!!!!!!!!!! Just before I sliced the sandwich in half, I asked my niece Cala, “would you like some?” She looked over at me and politely told me no. But after she heard my son Robert and I moaning over the callaloo sandwich, she quickly changed her mind and asked, “Is it good? Can I have some?” I replied, “Go on in the kitchen, the baguette is on the counter with all the other ingredients, go make your own.”

The baguette was toasty and crunchy and the bacon added that wow factor. Yes I am a pork eater and I love it. You can eliminate the bacon and you could easily have yourself a vegetarian sandwich. I mean, there are okras, callaloo, black beans and more. You should have seen me devouring this callaloo sandwich. The avocado was so smooth and creamy and I was so cute picking up all the avocado that was sliding all over the place. I didn’t care. It was darn d’luscious and I sure know how to use my hand whenever a sandwich becomes challenging.

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