Can Leaf of Life invoke deep meditation and raise your vibration?


Is it just me, or does anyone else notice that the leaf of life plant refuses to wither away and die? Now that’s life!

I give thanks for life.
Reflecting on my life, I realize that I have so much to be thankful for.
Where should I begin?
I give thanks for my beautiful, enchanting, charming and crazy mother; my mirror, Yvonne (Precious).
I am her and she is me.
Had she had any doubts about carrying her pregnancy with me, to full term, I wouldn’t be here today to express my love, in the many multifaceted ways that I know how.
Even though she fears doctors, needles, diagnoses and all things medical, I’m happy that she made the decision to birth me.  On the flip side of our lifeline, I happen to be the fearless one.
I once was the “jump on the table, cut me open and fix me” type of person.
Even though we are completely opposite in that capacity; I am her …and she is me.

Love, light and life embraced me in all its glory, as I flowed from my mother womb and  made my entrance into this beautiful world. I was born out of love. From the inception of my birth, I was made to love. I was predestined to love. The life I was given is the epitome of love. As a child I was loved to infinity. To this day, I am love. I represent love. I am all about love. Everything I do is done with love. It isn’t necessary of you to be deserving of my love in order to receive it, because I’m capable of loving without prejudice. The warmth of my embrace quickly translates into the love I have in me, and is readily available to those who are receptive.

My father Vernal, the co-creator of my life is, was and ever will be the greatest father in the whole world. Because of his unconditional love for me, he ensured that I never wanted for anything. Under the government of his love; doing without, going without or being without was not an option. Scarcity was unknown and unheard of.  Daddy was supportive in every which way possible. Living as a child and as an adult, it’s an incredible feeling knowing that I am safe in my father’s love; and for that I am grateful for him and for life.
I am him and he is me.

Why did I choose Precious and Vernal to be my parents?
I haven’t put all the pieces to that puzzle as yet, but it’s coming in slowly but surely.
As I begin to discover who I really and embrace the true essence of Angeline, it all seems to be coming together. I’ve always been comfortable in the presence of my dad’s love; so it’s easy to see why I chose him. He would ensure that I was smart, logical, well rounded and balanced while keeping me safe from all harm. I needed to feel safe and he provided that security.  I don’t understand how he did it but my dad is pure magic. He is a God. When I was young, I didn’t quite understand why my parents were sometimes overprotective, but I get it now.

Did it really take 46 years for me to figure this out? Damn I’m slow.
No, I didn’t take 46 years to figure it out and I’m not slow.
I just take a longer time to process things..sometimes.
The answer is always within. Now that I am  present and my pineal gland is decalcified, things are becoming clearer. Smoothies, juices and eating clean does that to you.

My mother is my mirror.
Why did I choose her?
What did I do in my past life, that I have to finesse in this new life?
I’ve always been accepting of others without prejudice. I’ve always loved unconditionally. I’m easy to get along with. I’m always giving others the benefit of the doubt. I’m a peacemaker and will make many attempts to make things right. I’m forgiving. I’m not revengeful. I can be very stubborn at times.

This watermelon leaf of life combo has raised my vibration and I’m feeling a little pure right now. It’s giving me more life. The first sip felt as if I had drank some kinda miraculous tonic. I swear to God, I love this zone. I’m so at peace. I can actually hear the universe singing, whispers and all. I love it! I don’t wanna come down at all. Is this what smoking weed does? I’ve never understood the high that people get from smoking weed but if it feels like I’m feeling now, it’s amazing!
This realm… got me feeling as if I’ve got superpowers. Goddess.Yes I am a Goddess.
My angels are here. I’m untouchable.

Note to self: I also had a teaspoon of food grade diatomaceous earth today.

If you’ve read this far and you’re not comprehending right now; this wasn’t intended for you.
Eat real, unprocessed, whole foods; lots of it, and you’ll level up real soon.

I love my mom.
I am her and she is me.

What have you discovered about yourself lately?

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