Cardamon Infused Rice Porridge with Gourmet Raisin


Cardamon Infused Rice PorridgeDuring one of our conversations, my niece Brihana mentioned that when she was in the third grade, they had something called “world day” which gave all student the opportunity to present their cultural dishes. One of her classmates, from Indian descent, brought in rice porridge. Brihana said it was the best thing that she ever tasted. “I can still remember it like it was yesterday, and that’s since the third grade,” she said.

Brihana is now in the ninth grade, so that’s a very long time. You can tell she is an absolute foodie based on how she expressed her love for the rice porridge. Foodies are exceptionally gifted and speaks passionately when describing their love affair for all things food related.

I can recall the days when I was super skinny and dreamed of gaining some weight. Even if it was half of a pound, I’d be happy. I need hips, thighs and ass so badly. When all my friends were drinking this product called ‘slim fast’ I was drinking a product called ‘weight on’ that I had found in some pharmacy. Could I gain any weight? NO. With no success, I resorted to feeding my body rice porridge and drank it day in and day out. Could I gain any weight? NO. I guess my metabolism was super fast. However I did gain the knowledge of how to make rice porridge.

I decided to recreate that nostalgic moment for Brihana and made her a lovely pot of cardamon infused rice porridge with gourmet raisins. She was asleep when I served her in bed. It was nothing like the story of the three little bears, otherwise her porridge would have been all gone. Instead she was delighted to be served in bed and enjoyed every bit of her rice porridge.


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