Callaloo Emancipated

  I first created this dish in honor of Emancipation Day. The dish is just absolutely amazing that I find myself creating it over and over again. I stuck with the colors of the Jamaica flag and the flavors combined harmoniously. You can find this nutritious and d’luscious recipe in my cookbook, From My Taste Buds…

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July 2, 2014

Callaloo Stuffed Acorn Squash

Believe it or not, all of this food styling didn’t occur UNTIL I was plating the dish. Don’t ask me how; I just do it. I’m not sure if this happens with everyone else, but this is the story of my life.  And even though it was Mother’s Day, as long as I’m in the…

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May 12, 2014

Callaloo with Smoked Red Herring

Callaloo is eaten regularly in my household. I get lots of fresh callaloo  from the farm,  and  waste no time in recreating dish after dish, after dish, such as this callaloo with smoked red herring.  My son D’Angelo loves red herring. Matter of fact, he loves food …period. Every dish I prepare seems to be…

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November 29, 2013

Steamed Callaloo with Cabbage

Quite often I receive requests for vegetarian dishes. Most of my dishes are indeed vegetarian IF you eliminate the meat; be it chicken, seafood or beef. It’s really that easy. I’m always in the habit of reinventing or tweaking dishes, hence this steamed callaloo with cabbage. I love, almost raw, crunchy cabbage. My grandma hates…

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October 11, 2013

Steamed Callaloo with Bok Choy and Carrots

On frequent visits to my favorite farm, I never leave without a few bunches of callaloo. Have I ever mentioned how completely divine, the freshness and naturalness of any foods that are pulled directly from the earth is?  You are just gonna have to grow your own food  or find a farm to experience it.…

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October 4, 2013
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