Rosemary and Sage infused Pork Belly

Heavenly Father, Creator of the universe, help me! Why must pork belly taste this good? Why must the pork belly call out my name whenever I’m food shopping? Why do I walk away with more than one slab? Why must everyone in my house fight over the pork belly? Why does everyone in my house…

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March 8, 2016

Rosemary Sea Salt Turkey

Oh where did I come up with such divinity? It isn’t as if this is the first or last time that I’ve cooked with rosemary. I love this herb world without end. Did I ever tell you that rosemary is DA BOSS? It’s a culinary classic; always have and always will be. Did I ever…

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September 13, 2014

Ricotta stuffed Squash Blossoms

“Mom are you going to eat those?” my son D’Angelo asked. “Yes hun, these are edible flowers”, I replied. Before I knew it, he was instructing me to blend the ricotta with mozzarella cheese and “just add a little more salt mom”. Yes these ricotta stuffed squash blossoms are definitely addictive. Lately I’ve been trying…

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July 30, 2014

Herb Roasted Tri Color Potatoes with Chicken

Root vegetables are my go to starch when I’m not in the mood for rice or pasta. I buy a variety of potato simply because I love variety and it makes the meal all the more delectable. On any given day, my fruit basket will be loaded with sweet yams, sweet potato (boniato), purple potatoes,…

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July 3, 2014

Herbaceous Roast Pork

I deboned the entire pork shoulder all by myself.  Yay!!!!! Feeling super proud. I have never removed the bone before. I love bones because they add depth of flavor. I have  always reiterated that the ‘flavor lies within the bones’ and that remained a fact. Y’all should have seen me with that knife. Nobody could have…

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February 10, 2014
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