Chicken Soup with Lobster Claws and Bok Choy


Chicken Soup with Lobster Claw
Traditionally, Saturday is soup day in Jamaica. Regardless of the temperature, soup adorns most of the dining tables. As a child, I too, looked forward to my soups on Saturdays. Now that I’ve blossomed into a bonafide chef, I ‘eat’ soup as the mood calls for it. I say ‘eat’ soup because our soups are so hearty and thick, it usually has the consistency of a stew.

For those who aren’t familiar with Caribbean style soups; please allow me to put you  on notice: When serving or placing an American style soup, such as tomato soup, before a native Jamaican; be prepared for some criticism, as you may be frowned upon or even ridiculed.
They may even try to convince you, that what they have been served is actually broth. Whenever you mention soup to a Jamaican, most times they are looking for something hearty with lots of dumplings, provisions, meat and vegetables. I’ve learned to appreciate all kinds of soups from different cultures, but I always return to what is nostalgic and comforting to me, which is a fully loaded soup, such as this chicken soup with lobster claws and bok choy.

Jamaican cuisine is largely influenced by Asian infusions. We are a melting pot of many nations.  Growing up in Jamaica, I was blessed to have Chinese descendants as neighbors. To this day, I vividly recall Ms Lou bringing over a plate of chop suey. I was so intrigued by the combination of flavors and textures. I wasn’t a foodies just yet, but that experience definitely stirred up something special inside of me.

My creative juices flowed as I prepared this soup and I felt compelled to add these lobster claws. They were super anxious and practically begging to be cooked. If you have paid much attention to my soups, you will also notice that I am big on vegetables. I enjoyed every crunchy, d’luscious bite of that bok choy and the bounty of ingredients included in this culinary delight.
Why do I continue to create these bad ass dishes? Sigh, I just can’t help myself.
However, I do hope that you will be inspired to play with your food and create some bad ass dishes too.

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