Chicken Soup with Romanesco and Purple Kale


Endometriosis you have NO power over me!

About seven years ago, I noticed a difference in my mentrual cycle and thought it was normal and believed my body was changing as I matured with age. Mind you, I was only 35 years young and my body was out of whack.  The pain that I endured was unbearable and excruciating. To make a long story short, I was diagnosed with endometriosis/adenomyosis and had an unsuccessful surgical procedure performed did absolutely nothing for the endometriosis.

After complaining about the never ending labor pains, the only option provided by my doctor was hysterectomy. Now, if you have been following my story, you probably are already aware that I’m a cancer survivor, who had bilateral mastectomy, therefore I wasn’t about to have the surgeons cut or slice any more of my body parts. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Chicken Soup with Romanesco and Purple Kale

It dawned on me that I AM the CEO of my health and that doctors aren’t always interested in my well being. Most surgical procedures are recommended for profit and it damn sure wasn’t profiting me. Anyhow, I conducted my own research; became self educated and in the process acquired enough knowledge that infuriated me. I felt cheated, disgusted, violated, brainwashed and I’m at a loss for adjectives to describe how I felt.  I had a ‘wow’ moment for quite sometime. The knowledge I gained through self education  was never taught in school. Well, let me rephrase that; all the schools that I attended failed to provided me with the information and knowledge that I had acquired on my own. Are they aware or were they also brainwashed?

I learned to heal my body through foods from the earth. I juice like I have never juiced before. And you know what?  I have never felt better. I used to be bed ridden EVERY month for seven whole days. Incapacitated with lack of sleep, lack of life, over the counter pills and prescribed medications that created more side effects had me feeling lost. I now had to plan my life around my menstrual cycle. Like who does that? I do, and so does many other females with PCOS and fibroids. We share the same experience and symptoms.

It’s been a challenging journey, but its getting better. I can now stand in the kitchen and prepare nutrient dense meals such as this chicken soup with turmeric,  purple kale and romanesco. Scar tissue from previous surgeries exacerbates my pain, and even though I’d rather lay in bed while the cycle passes, it feels good to know that I can stand up in the kitchen, rather than laying the bed with my body writhing in and riddled with pain. He who feels it knows it.

This is my feel good soup, it hits the spots everytime. Warm foods works well for me during this time. And as much as I love my juices cold, I have to bring them to room temperature because anything cold will exacerbate my pain. I’m so glad that I’m able to read and comprehend. I can fix my life and I will.

…..and still….I am blessed!








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2 thoughts on ““Chicken Soup with Romanesco and Purple Kale”

  • Sheron Bucknor

    Dear Angie, I just happen to stumble on you on YouTube and I am excited. I am just recovering from bilateral total knee surgery, on Dec 2,2015 and other January 26,2016 . 8 weeks apart. I lost 27 lbs and I am so excited in seeing some of your clean eating foods you prepare, as soon as I start working again , I am purchasing your cook book, and are you on YouTube? So proud to you and wish you well in continued success

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