Chicken soup with Snow Crab legs and claws



They asked for crab. They wanted whole crabs. I wasn’t about to drive all the way across town to find whole crabs, but I wanted to satisfy their craving. I’m a pleaser. Not a doormat. Not a pushover. A culinary pleaser. I love to please my family with FOOD. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  The smiles on their faces. The expressions on their faces. The OMGs. The ecstatic moans and groans after the first inhalation. That culinary high that seems to put them in a trance. I love every bit of it.  And so, I aim to please.

I believe in excellence in every bite, so I gave them soup; crab soup…well…chicken soup with succulent, sweet snow crab legs and claws in a pot loaded with dumplings, potatoes, pumpkin, chayote, yukon gold potatoes and corn highly seasoned with herbs.  OMG so yummy! There were so many crab legs. The pot was overloaded meaning there would be more than enough for everyone. They like it that way. That first sip of soup is so comforting to the soul. Hmmmmmm yes.  I enjoy soups in any form.  As my creative juices flow, the execution becomes self explanatory. There was zero leftovers but that was expected.

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