Chioggia Beets with Roasted corn Salad


Warning: You can eat all the salads in the world, but if you are hateful, you will not heal.
If you are bitter; you will not heal.
If you are angry; you will not heal.
If you are wicked; you will not heal.
If your are worried and fearful; you will not heal.
Some people walk around with so much animosity and fail to realize that it may be the main cause of their chronic disease. Don’t allow your emotions to hinder you from healing.

When was the last time you tried love? When was the last time you tried forgiveness?
Would you like a speedy recovery?
Some people worry themselves to death. Don’t become your worst enemy.
Let go of the emotions that are crippling you and allow yourself to heal.

I have mastered the art of ignoring those who try to steal my joy or ‘draw me out’ as Jamaicans would say. I am beyond allergic to negative people. My sanity means everything to me.

I’m so at peace with myself. I rarely get upset because I refuse to have other people steal my joy.
I have to admit; I’m human and not perfect in any way, shape or form, and at times I get caught off guard. For instance: A relative may call me with some upsetting news and I forget about boundaries and allow my empathy to cross over.

Sidebar: (I had a habit of taking on other people’s emotions until I realized it was draining and very unhealthy for me). I rarely do that nowadays.

Anyway, as soon as I begin to raise my voice, I would feel the stabbing pains of the past surgeries (in my uterus) that I had for endometriosis. That’s usually and indicator for me to stop, breathe and bring myself back to my place of peace…and go drink some water.  I listen to my body because I know it wants to heal. I understand my body.

Eating healthy is simple a part of the equation in achieving optimal health. Our emotions  (which are connected to our organs) play an extremely important role in our health.

Have you ever heard something so distraught, that immediately upsets your stomach and you either get instant diarrhea or you feel as if you want to vomit?

Have you ever been so frightened or fearful that that you ‘pee your pants’ on the spot?
Don’t allow fear to reside in your kidneys. You may not understand the importance of your organs right now but trust and believe, they desperately need you. Or should I say, you desperately need your them. Either way, you need each other.

Have you ever had first hand experience with a dialysis (kidney failure) patient? I have.
When your kidneys become inoperable, you loose the ability to urinate, which is very toxic to the body and will kill you if it can’t be eliminated. Your urine is not meant to remain in your body. It needs to be eliminated because it is waste.

Dialysis is the procedure that removes waste and excess water from your blood.  The dialyzer is a machine that takes on the functionality of your kidneys. I guess you can call it an artificial kidney. Depending on how much damage has been done to your kidneys, you may  have to  be dialyzed up to 3 times a week. That’s rough!

Let me give you a visual, because you have probably heard the term “dialysis” but really don’t understand what goes on.
Before you can begin dialysis, an access is inserted into your body (usually the chest or arm), and remains there until about one year after you receive a kidney transplant. The access is the port for immediate dialysis. It’s connected to your vein and is supposed to provide good blood flow, while you are on the dialyzer.

During dialysis the patient is connect to the the machine (dialyzer) via the access. The machine removes all the blood from your body, cleans/filters it and puts it back into your body. That’s what healthy kidneys are supposed to do, but due to emotions and other health factors, including but not limited to diabetes, the kidneys are no longer able to perform.

After each dialysis treatment, patients are usually too drained and too weak to move, experience nausea and/or vomiting, blood pressure is extremely low and they aren’t allowed to leave the center until their blood pressure has been stabilized. It’s a process that I don’t wish on my worst enemy.

Bottom line: Our bodies wants to heal. It is up to you to take responsibility for your health. Eating healthy is one step to closer to achieving our health goals, but we need have a positive mindset. Mind, body and spirit needs to be aligned for total healing. All of our organs depend on us, not just our kidneys. Your body needs your help. Learn to love the body you live in.

Are you loving you?

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