Cinnamon Almond Cranberry Butter


Guess who done went and made some almond butter? Yeah, I did it again. I did the damn thing baby. I finally made my own almond butter and boy did I wow myself! I know, you’re probably saying, this diva takes this “cook from scratch” preaching to another level, but ….dah almond butter yah tun up loud!
I make almond milk all the time, but never got around to making almond butter. however the time has finally arrived. When your doing what you love, it becomes effortless and doesn’t feel like hard work. In addition to my love of, and for any and all things food related, if it’s d’luscious and healthy, chances are; I’ll be preparing it one day, one way or another.

When I slathered this nut butter on some toasted french bread for my grandma, she exclaimed, “Bwoy look how much almond tree we did have in Jamaica, and never know seh it could mek dis.” In my grandma’s time, when she was younger, she was a bad ass cook. She could turn a kitchen out; have you licking your fingers and your toes. But, it’s my turn now and she is totally engulfed in my new culinary expansion, that goes above and beyond, her traditional Caribbean cooking methods.

I instructed my son D’Angelo to place the almonds on parchment paper, on  a sheet pan and roast them off in the oven  at 350°F for approximately 10 minutes.  He placed them in a cast iron pan instead, which did the job just fine. Based on my research, roasting the almonds, (as opposed to using raw almonds), lessens the time, it takes to transform the almonds into butter.

Here is where I added the roasted almonds to the food processor. It crumbled, then became sort of like dust or almond flour.

As the food processors turns, the almonds turns into a paste. I had to stop periodically, and scrape down the sides of  food processor.



I wanted to add some sweetness to my almond butter, so I added cranberries and walnut oil to smooth it out.  I even added cinnamon and vanilla to give it that extra umph. I was more than pleased with the almond butter. I made my almond butter and you can too. I’ll be making different variations of almond butter and have had so many request to place it on the market. I think I might…..I think I might….

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