Cornmeal Porridge with Granola


I’m an islander, Jamaican to be specific. So regardless of where I reside, I will always crave indigenous island food. It’s in my DNA. It’s in my parents DNA, therefore making it completely unavoidable. Without a choice, I inherited that lineage. Truth be told, I love every minute of it.  I curate all kinds of culinary lusciousness and cherish each moment and memories alike, but sometimes the simplest ingredients takes center stage and unravels as the highlight of my day.

Yogurt Pancakes topped with chardonnay fruit compotes (one of my favorites by the way) are super d’luscious and satisfying, but sometimes I just want my island breakfast, like satiating CORNMEAL PORRIDGE.  Now I know that all the Jamaicans reading this are now thinking, ’that is NOT cornmeal porridge.”

Well it is baby boo. No need to get all rowdy. Have you forgotten that I am a chef? Hold your horses, alright. The health guru in me had to make it super fly by adding superfoods to increase it super nutritional value. I won’t even mention all the superb ingredients that I added while cooking the porridge, but I topped it off with home made granola, hemp seeds and pumpkin seeds. I swear I’m gonna OD on these hemp seeds. Why did they have to be so freaking good?

I’ve been analyzing a lot of meal plans and I have yet to come across one that is customized to meet the needs and life of an islander. I know we’re all striving to be health conscious, but I realize being healthy may not be attainable for most Caribbeans, if the meal plans includes unfamiliar foods that takes some time getting used to or not accessible at all. And you know me, my mission is to add value to your life. So I’m here to create healthy recipes that you can incorporate into your daily routine…ones that you can relate to and really enjoy with mind, body and soul.

Do you also find more comfort in foods that you grew up on?

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