Crispy Pork Belly with Root vegetables and Boiled Green bananas


pork belly, coco, boiled green banana, green beans

Yummy, crispy PORK BELLY, coco (taro), boiled green bananas with crispy, tender green beans.
Aaahhhh I’m in heaven!  Pork belly got me like whoa! The skin is crispy and reminds me of crackling, while the meat is simply tender succulent and juicy. I get in my moods sometimes and do all kinds of creative things with my traditional Jamaican foods. I love it when my creative juices flow! The idea of combining all the flavors of Jamaica with other fabulous ingredients around the world is simply incredible! It’s a flavor explosion that every palate needs to experience.

What started this whole pork belly obsession? A few years ago, I experience the joy of eating a pork belly taco. Since then, I have been hooked. I can’t stand to see pork belly and not grab a slab. Might I add that I do LOVE the skin. It’s the most spectacular part of the pork belly and there is a special technique to obtain that crispy, crunchy texture: slice the skin diagonally in a criss cross fashion or use the tip of your knife to create holes or slits on the skin.

Before you even scoff at the word ‘pork belly’ keep in mind that you have probably indulged in pork belly your entire life and had no idea, because all along you have been referring to this awesome cut of meat as bacon. Yes darling, pork belly is indeed bacon, fresh bacon. I’ve been cooking with pork belly for quite some time now and I love the fact that it’s fresh. It becomes my canvas and enables me to infuse it with any flavor, that my sophisticated palate is in the mood for.  Pork belly adores herbs and spices. I rely heavily on herbs and spices to flavor, nourish and heal my body. It’s far more succulent and d’luscious than the salty bacon that you have grown accustomed to.

The green beans were amazing! I gotta have some kind of vegetable on my plate, be it a composed salad or a single veggie; I just gotta get my veggie in. The boiled bananas and coco are both starches which creates a perfect balance. Am I afraid of starches? Not at all. The beauty about starches/carbs from the earth is simply that. They are FROM THE EARTH which makes it an excellent choice as opposed to processed carbs, like rice or flour. So the next time you reach for your starches, make a conscious decision to choose a healthier one. And remember: all things in moderation. Don’t eat less, eat smart.

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