Curry Rabbit is Boss!!


Culinary school is totally awesome! Foundations III is all about meats. So far we have fabricated fish, chicken, lamb and of course…. rabbit. Whenever the chef completes a demo, I usually choose the most unfamiliar dish, or what I consider the most challenging dish. So, when everyone seemed a bit apprehensive about the rabbit, I embraced the challenge. I was going to cook this rabbit and it was going to be far more flavorful that the recipe in the text book.

Curry Rabbit

CURRIED RABBIT, POTATO SALAD with BROCCOLI, CAULIFLOWER AND GREEN BEANS tossed in a GARLIC INFUSED HERBED OIL sounds mighty Ange’luscious to me!  The chef at school was majorly impressed with my dish: colorful, visually appealing, presentation, starch, veggie, meat…yeah!  Actually, he suggested that I take a photo. I was in a rush because I had one more dish to create,  and wasn’t thinking about photography. Our practical included three entrees. This is ONE of mine, which I was graded on. We had three hours to produce three dishes.  I damn sure curried the heck out of this rabbit. One of my classmates tasted my rabbit and said: “I need to come to your house. I’d gain back all the weight that I just lost.” ‪#‎FLAVORFUL‬

In this photo here, you can see where the chef used his fork to break into my rabbit….‪#‎forktenderandsucculent‬

The chef looked at my dishes and didn’t even have to go through his checklist.. Why?  Because I’m the bomb! LOLOLOL As soon as I became engulfed in taking the photos, he snatched the plates. I guess he was anxious to taste my curry rabbit. This man doesn’t understand how passionate I am  and will become, about my photos. The last thing he wants to do is demand that I take  photos. Chile, I be done took like 262 photos in 2 minute, yu hear.

After tasting my curry rabbit, the chef  said: “Look at all these colors. This needs to be in a restaurant on a menu. People will buy this here curry rabbit.” He’s never had curry rabbit before, or so it seems.

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. I wish I had cooked an entire rabbit because everyone seemed to want to taste my rabbit…and they were loving it. I so love school!

Are you feeling me on this one?

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