Ease your pain from endometriosis with this awesome Apple Ginger juice blend!


When I was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2004, I told my cousin Carol, “The doctor says I have cancer. One of us has to go, and it sure ain’t gonna be me!”
Endometriosis done lost it’s freaking mind trying to invade my Temple. Where does endometriosis thinks it’s going? Endometriosis you have zero power over me and you gotta go!

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Did breast cancer and endometriosis really choose my Temple, because they knew I would be the voice of, and become an inspiration to all those suffering out loud and in silence?  Honey chile, they done messed with the wrong Temple. I won the battle against cancer and I’m winning the battle against endometriosis. I will win. I am winning.  Did you hear that endometriosis? I AM WINNING!

Does endometriosis not realize that I ‘comes’ equipped with the real all natural pain killers?

I’m not afraid of diseases but the ‘pain’ from endometriosis scares me. I’m not even gonna front. My brain halts. Anxiety kicks in and I just wanna shoot that annoyance in my pelvis.  I think I’m more scared of the pain I used to have. I remember that pain. It was like going into labor each month.

For all the females who have to endure the unbearable pain associated with endometriosis/adenomyosis; I want to let you know that I feel your pain.
I understand the struggle.
I know you are not faking it.
I know it’s real. I know it’s unbearable.
I know that sometimes you pass out.
I know you are bed bound.
I know it feels like barbed wire is being hauled back and forth across your pelvis.
I know you may be having infertility issues.
I know your cycles are irregular.
I know the pain lingers every day all day, 365 days (not just during your cycle).
I know you have swallowed the highest milligrams of the highest prescription pain medicine and there is still no relief.
I know because I was there.
I no longer have daily pains/discomfort. I no longer have shock waves throughout my body at any given time, on any given day. I no longer need to double up on sanitary napkins every hour on the hour. I no longer suffer from many of the symptoms associated with endometriosis.  I’m healing and you can too.  I’m still not completely healed but I’m 100% much better than I was seven years ago. I now have regular cycles. I can now try for a baby if I want to.

Changing my lifestyle/diet was an epiphany. The surgeons wanted to remove my uterus. I declined because I know there is a better way; a holistic way. Instead, I removed foods that doesn’t serve my higher purpose. I added healing, anti-inflammatory whole foods.  I cook from scratch using whole foods, without the use of artificial chemicals, flavorings, food coloring and additives. I have documented an array of recipes which includes healing foods in my cookbook.  I know and understand that food is medicine and I believe in holistic practices. I know my body is an incredible machine and is capable of healing itself.  And still, I rise above the madness, the myth and the misinformation, that only prescription drugs works. Prescription drugs should only be used in EMERGENCY situations, not on a daily basis and definitely not for life.  I no longer use or feel the need for prescription drugs. I am no longer brain washed into believing that a pill will fix my life.

Juicing is a part of my lifestyle. It allows essential nutrients to be absorbed into my Temple, so that I can heal on a cellular level.  To all my sistars out there who lives with the pain AND for those who wish to become proactive against chronic illness, I have created this blend just for you. The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger will provide much needed relief.

What do you use as natural pain remedies?

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