Egg Salad Sandwich


I called out to my grandma that her breakfast was ready. She made my day after the took the first bite and gave me her seal of approval. She said, “Denise, this taste good.”

Shortly after my brother and sister had migrated from Jamaica, they noticed D’Angelo’s dad making an egg salad (which he does quite often). The perplexed looks on their faces were priceless. My brother Stephen was so dramatic with his, ” a wah dat!” accompanied by a frown on his face. The minute they both tasted the egg salad….ALL WAS WELL IN THE LORD. 

This morning I woke up in the mood for an egg salad sandwich, but I had to jazz it up a bit. I substituted the mayonnaise with sour cream and added dijon mustard. I omitted the salt and added a few chopped capers, which I rinsed under cold water, to remove any excess saltiness. It was amazing!

As I sat at the table savoring each and every bite of this d’luscious sandwich, I thought about D’Angelo and how he would have truly appreciated this here sandwich. I thought about leaving him half of my sandwich, but he was still in school. By the time he arrived home, it would have become extremely soggy. He would be here around dinner time and I would be busy preparing another authentic dish. Oh well….he lucked out today.

….And I’m still trying to rationalize why I should NOT leave any for D’Angelo. Furthermore, had he tasted my egg salad sandwich which is far superior than the ones his dad usually makes, I would not be able to keep any eggs in the refrigerator. I would be running to the supermarket every other day or buy lots more eggs whenever I do.  There is no more space in the fridge for anything else, as it is already packed with produce. I don’t intend to go into any body’s supermarket because I have absolutely no discipline whenever I go there. I may have every intention to pick up one, and only one carton of eggs, but for some strange reason I’m compelled to buy more groceries and almost always leave with a cart full.  So, that rules out grocery shopping for today.

You know what? I’ll just tell him all about my bossed up egg salad sandwich, and how d’luscious it was!

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