Garam Masala Stewed Pork


Did I tell you I make a wicked garam masala? Nature is attracted to me simply because I’m attracted to nature. It’s as simple as that. Peace of mind is what I have, knowing I am privy to the ingredients that are in my food. You just don’t know what you are eating these days. The next time you go grocery shopping, take a look at your seasonings before you grab one and throw it into your cart. Read the ingredients label. You will be amazed.

For a very long time Jerk pork has been one of my all time favorites, but now that I have mastered the art of blending my own spices, I have to admit, I have become a beast! Yes, I enjoy playing with my herbs and spices. The culinary blood is in me embraces all things food, therefore if I’ve never heard of it, I definitely want to have that experiences. So what do I do? I research all things food related and learn how they are prepared, then add my authenticity  or bring home foods from the farmers’ market that I’ve never seen in my life. Sometimes I may find a new veggie  or green and whomever I notice purchasing them, I kindly introduce myself and ask, “what do you do with that?” or “how do you prepare that?” People approach me all the time, because my grocery cart is always loaded with produce and most individuals have no clue how to prepare an item that they aren’t familiar with. So, I do the same and I’m usually so inspired after our little foodie chat.

When I realized that some of the seasoning blends I was purchasing, wasn’t all that they were cracked up to be, I began to create my own. Curry was the first seasoning blend that I finessed. I make a bad ass curry and it’s so much more flavorful than any other I’ve tasted.  I feel really cheated when I compare the ingredients of my authentic curry powder to the store bought versions. They are missing so many ingredients or overpowered with one ingredient. 
And you may ask, “how do you find time to do all this?” There’s only one answer that I can provide: I’m passionate about all things culinary and healthy and I MAKE time.

Yes indeed, I made time to prepare my authentic garam masala seasoning blend, and I made time to season the pork, and I made time to cook it from scratch, balance and adjust the flavors and it was worth EVERY MINUTE. When you put all your love into your food, nothing compares…and your soul sings and you become one with yourself and the universe, and it brings so much joy. And that’s why I’m such a foodie and I LOVE IT!

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