Ginger Sesame Beef Short Ribs


Ginger Sesame beef short ribs

You should really check out some of the comments on my Facebook fan page whenever I post these mouth watering photos of my culinary delight. The comments have me laughing so hard, sometimes tears begin to roll down my cheeks….like seriously.  I really do appreciated all the love, support and encouragement that I receive from each and every one of you; even when y’all call me wicked for posting delectables such as this ginger flavored, sesame beef short ribs. It really tickles me, when I read comments like “I can smell your food through facebook” or “I can taste your food through facebook.”  Some of y’all wanna move in with me. Some wished they lived next door so they can personally invite themselves in everyday. Some wants me to adopt them. Others express their desire to take care of me or clean the house in exchange for food and you know what? I LOVE IT ALL!  It’s such an awesome feeling to know that I have inspired and touched so many hearts with my culinary delights. I know it’s all love and I just want you all to know, that l got mad love for you too. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Have I ever told you how much I love oriental markets? Have I ever told you that I enjoy shopping in oriental markets?  Well I most definitely do. Why? They eat EVERYTHING! But that’s just one reason. The main reason is that they have EVERYTHING that I cook and eat. I’m Jamaican…we seem to eat most of the same foods. I LOVE international markets with their exotic selection.  I HAVE to try one of everything…at least once. I’m a foodie….what can I say? If I try it and I like it, then I’ll try it again. And if I don’t like it, I’ll figure out ways to make it more palatable or flavorful. I will ‘CARIBBEANIZE’ it (if there is ever such a word) with mad flavors and everyone will beg for more.

So, I’m browsing around an oriental store on one of my many culinary excursions and these short ribs just jumped out at me. Yeah they did…and I thought “hmmmmmm I know what I can do to this.”

my pantry

My brain began to take inventory of my pantry.Even though I was standing in the middle of the supermarket, I could still  visualize my pantry. I had sesame oil, sesame seeds, and ginger of course. I’m always juicing and I add ginger to the majority of my juice blends, so I didn’t see a problem with creating this fantabulous dish. So I grabbed a few packages, made a beeline for the checkout, drove home and headed straight to the kitchen.

Ginger Sesame beef short ribs

Did I amaze my freaking self? Sure did…and you can too!


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