Glorious Baked Snapper with Rainbow Carrots


Whenever I’m in the mood for fresh food fast; I opt for seafood such as wild caught snappers, not fast food from a drive through. As intimidating as fish may appear to be, I find them fascinating and extremely pretty easy to cook. Once the food is prepped, life is worth living. Instead of individually wrapping each fish en papillote (in a pouch), I have discovered that seasoning fishes locks in the juices and assumes the flavor of all the natural herbs to create a fabulous infusion.

Paleo dishes are satiating because they eliminate the need for processed starches. In my cookbook “From My Taste Buds To Yours” I’ve added a variety of vegetables  into create a healthy, yet fulfilling meal.

Glorious baked snapper DSC_9464-copy

I eat with my eyes first and oftentimes I feel as if I need to include every whole food on the planet in my culinary creations. My inspiration comes from the ingredients that I have on hand. When your food is pleasing to the eyes, your palate becomes accommodating.


What better way to consume a nourishing meal loaded with all things natural, fresh and healthy.  You have got to try this recipe!

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