Granola with Hemp Seeds


I’m a huge granola fan. Yes I am! Once upon a time, my house never went with granola bars. Yes hunty chile, I use to buy them by the case. My favorite ones were packaged in some green wrapping or green box. I can’t even recall the flavor but that thang was d’luscious….until I started juicing.

Yes, I began juicing heavily and my taste buds did a 360. Juicing and adding more live foods into your body really crowds out the bad stuff to the point where you don’t even care for it anymore. I mean, food should always be celebrated, but how can you celebrate when EVERYTHING that hits your tongue taste like poison? I could not bare the taste of all of my favorite snacks. One day I’m gonna learn how to make that puffed cheese popcorn too. If anyone had told me that I would not crave certain snacks, I’d probably tell them they’re going crazy. I was hooked on preservatives. But thank God for healthy living.

The primary reason for me not eating junk anymore, isn’t because I know it doesn’t serve me or my body’s higher purpose, but because it taste like poison.  My tongue detects all the preservative and I just got tired of spitting out stuff. It’s kinda like the same thing I’m going through right now with commercial meats. I’m having such an aversion to them right now, because I’m tasting everything that was pumped into those animals. My taste buds have become way too sophisticated for me.

It’s rather challenging to run out and buy a goat and nurture him for dinner, however, I can definitely run out and purchase all the wholesome ingredients, that I need to prepare my own granola, without all the chemicals, synthetic vitamins, preservatives, food colorings and all the little nasties that creates the poisonous taste.

So, I learned how to make my own and I’m gonna show you just how super simple it is to make yours too.

Will you please try my recipe and come back and tell me how you liked it?
Thanks in advance!

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