Grilled Sockeye Salmon with Okras and Cabbage


Grilled Salmon with Okras and Cabbage

May God bless whomever’s idea it was to roast, grill or cook oven and open fire.  They have no idea how much inspiration I’ve gained simply by looking at a grill, or any contraption that models or boast the same functionality as open fire does. Each time grilled food appears before my eyes, I get lost in love, just as I am, right this moment, staring at all this grilled sockeye salmon with okras and cabbage and an array of other vegetables.

Grilled Sockeye Salmon with Okras

I take my hat off to all my ancestors, those before me who weren’t equipped with all the luxuries we now have accessible to us.  Gas and electricity was probably nonexistent or limited, but you hunted your food, economized, prioritized and cooked those bad boys over that wood fire. Simple divine, I know it is, was and ever will be. I can savor the taste of home, each time my fork flakes off a piece of that juicy sockeye salmon; each time I bite into that crunchy okra or cabbage; each time my heart sings and my taste buds explode. I thank you, my ancestors for being resourceful. I thank you for having common sense. I thank you for your inspiration.

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