Healing the Nation – Cancer is Not a Death Sentence


I am honored to have been one of the guest speakers at the Healing The Nation event held at Wickie Wacky Beach in Jamaica. The atmosphere and energy was beyond amazing. With the increase in premature deaths and the rise in chronic diseases, children and adults have become dependent on prescription medication believing it’s a cure. Pharmaceutical drugs to not cure or heal. They suppress symptoms and create a host of other medical issues. The real cure, the real medicine in nature (diet and lifestyle).

The universe has been truly amazing in selecting my tribe; like minded individuals who share the same passion. What I’m searching for is also searching for me.  Shalshani, whom I met via my Facebook page, reached out to me a few years ago. She was fascinated by my culinary creations. Her energy is like fire! You have to be in her presence to feel it. Her heart is of gold. We later met each other and discussed a plethora of defects in the broken medical industry and wanted to make a difference by bringing awareness to cancer. Shalshani’s brother Anthony lost his battle to cancer and transitioned while he was in her arms, which is the primary reason she is so passionate about advocating for cancer.  She facilitates Healing the Nation each year to celebrate her brother, Anthony Leroy Anderson.

Being a cancer survivor, I feel compelled to intervene and share my personal experience about surviving cancer and annihilating endometriosis. I’m a holistic advocate who firmly believes that food is medicine and I’m on a mission to encourage and inspire everyone to eat real, wholesome, nutrient dense food, and cook from scratch without the use of artificial ingredients and preservatives.

Cancer is NOT a death sentence! My role is to harness an environment which brings hope to anyone who may be battling cancer or suffering from any chronic disease. Everyone needs to know that if you have a will to live and is committed to your health, your life can and will be worth living.

A special thanks to my assistants Gwendolyn Watt and Marlon Dennis. They are God sent. I am forever grateful for their time and effort. They were of excellent service, serving up Ange’luscious culinary creations to our supporters, while I autographed cookbooks for those who anxiously waited to obtain their copy. I couldn’t have done this without them. Team Ange’luscious!

Eat Real Food. Food is Medicine.
I will continue to share my knowledge and add value to the lives of others.

How are you adding value to the lives of others?

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