Herbaceous Roast Pork


Roast Pork

I deboned the entire pork shoulder all by myself.  Yay!!!!! Feeling super proud. I have never removed the bone before. I love bones because they add depth of flavor. I have  always reiterated that the ‘flavor lies within the bones’ and that remained a fact. Y’all should have seen me with that knife. Nobody could have told me that I wasn’t an experienced deboner.

I didn’t want the pork shoulder cut into cubes or sliced into steaks like I usually do. I wanted to do something a little different this time, and I wanted to challenge myself by deboning the entire pork, as well as, massaging all the aromatic spices and  flavorful herbs of  love  that I had concocted, all up into every  crease and crevice of the pork. Must I say, I felt…..accomplished.  The challenging part was wrapping the twine around this darn thing to hold it together while it roasted. I must have been absent from school that day. Actually I was at school, but the chef made it seem so effortless throughout his demo. I could have sworn it was a 1 – 2  – 3 and it was done kinda thing. Well I gotta get some practice on that.

I didn’t use a roasting rack or special roasting gadget for the pork. I rested the pork on a bed of vegetables, to keep it elevated, while the vegetables combined with the juices released from the pork melded together in perfert harmony.


Since it wasn’t cut into slices or cubed, I had to use my thermometer to check the internal temperature.  Am I a beast or what?!!!! LOLOLOL. I’m so into my feelings right now and my head is swollen with pride, even though the twine on the pork created an illusion, as if the poor pork was in bondage. The twine was criss cross and all over the place. Y’all would have been cracking some serious jokes. Thank God I’m an excellent cook,  and was able to recover and redeem myself one the twine was removed and the pork was sliced. I had the juiciest,  most succulents, herbaceous roasted pork you could have ever tasted.



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