Hibiscus Tea



My all time favorite tea is made with ginger. I find it to be more therapeutic when it burns my throat as it travels downward into my temple. It feels as though my soul is being healed.

I have found a new found love: hibiscus tea. There is a 5 pound bag of it sitting in my sanctuary. That full bodied red color deepens as it steeps and the tangy notes enlightens the palate.  As you sip, your senses are released, creating an experience that harmonizes body with soul.

Sometimes I add other spices simply because I’m a spicy diva. I’ve combined it with cinnamon, mint, and ginger for a compound herbal infusion. The aromas are purely therapeutic and the benefits goes beyond healing. I CAN’T recall the last time I actually purchased tea bags. I don’t. Teabags just don’t do it for me.  Preparing hibiscus tea and all other teas are effortless. It’s simply: add the leaves, herbs, or spices to boiling water and allow it to steep. That’s it. Anyone can do it. I know you can too.

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