I juice for health


I juice for health

I juice for health and longevity. I juice for purity. I juice because my body appreciates the benefits, the fiber, the natural vitamins, the antioxidants, the beta carotene and if I remain raw, I am practically pain free each month.

It’s going on four years since I learned about the benefits of juicing. I’m thrilled that my thoughts are no longer enslaved; that I am now aware and capable of making conscious decision about my health. My voice and opinion counts toward my health. I understand my body, know what works and what doesn’t. I make adjustments based on my personal needs and my body’s reaction. Juicing has been absolutely phenomenal. My life is transformed. I am so disciplined to the point that I refuse to buy concentrated beverages.

After juicing real apples, apple juice from concentrate went out the door. They no longer serve me or my Temple. I am blessed!

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