Improve Libido and Erectile Dysfunction Naturally


Just like all other pharmaceutical drugs, those little blue pills comes with side effects. Whenever a man has a heart attack, one of the first question that comes to my mind is, “was he taking viagra?”  Even though I don’t communicate my thoughts verbally to family or friends who experience this issue, the question lingers in my mind. However, If they ask for my input, then I will gladly assist. I find that most men really avoid discussing their health, therefore, I truly appreciate those who feel comfortable enough to discuss with me, the adverse effects that they experience from taking viagra.

They’ve shared experiences of waking up with stiff joints, temporarily loosing their mobility and feeling as if they are about to take their last breath. Those are only a small fraction of the symptoms while under the influence of viagra. But guess what? I have great news for you! Leave it up to me to brag about the health benefits of nutraceuticals NOT pharmaceuticals.

Erectile dysfunction can be reversed with nutrition and lifestyle. 

You can choose to pay the farmer now or pay the doctor later. It’s all up to you.

So, the other day, I visited the farm and much to my surprise, I found turmeric! Y’all should have seen me. I was so freaking excited; all hugging on the lady (farmer) as if I had found gold. I don’t know bout you, but to me, turmeric is a gem. It’s better than gold; it could be gold. Okay it’s nature’s gold. I’ve always purchased turmeric from the supermarket in pieces but I had never held it up close, rooted up from the earth.

I was about to walk away with my bundle of callaloo (amaranth) and bok choy, which is what I had purchased, when I noticed the ton load of turmeric that one of the farmers was hosing down to remove the dirt. I was like, “Are you holding out on me? What else do you have?”

Whenever any one gifts me produce, I always ask: ‘what else do you have?” Most people would extend their “thank you’s”  and other courtesies, but noooooo, not I. Greedy me wants to know what else do you have and where do you live, so I can come over and get or buy some. I will bombard you with a barrage of questions, so if you don’t want me asking you anything, don’t bring me no earth foods.

I really wanted these cabbages. I have cursed supermarket cabbages so badly because they are  always tough/hard. Cabbages should be soft and wilt with very little heat. But Beverly said they weren’t ready as yet. So, I’ll just have to wait. She told me not to touch them either or they won’t fold. Interesting huh? I learn something new everyday.

That’s her right there cutting me some bok choy. With the fascination I have with farmers, I swear, I had to have been a farmer in my past life.

There was a huge puddling of water from the hosing down of the turmeric but that didn’t stop my little short ass from jumping across the water to get to the turmeric. I was in such awe. If you didn’t know by now; food excites me! Anyway, I told the Beverly that I wanted turmeric too. She was kind enough to share that it was excellent for prostate cancer and increases sex drive.

Now you know I ‘m a health coach and you just don’t wanna start talking about health and healing with natural foods in my presence. I’m gonna love you even more. When an individual is well versed on their products, I’m impressed. I hugged Beverly so tightly, you would have thought that we had known each other for years.

Erectile dysfunction is not a disease. It’s a symptom (a name tag) that indicates that your body needs a little or a lotta help in the nutrition and lifestyle department. You simply need to increase your blood flow. Yes, you need to clear the pathway to assist blood flow. When the blood is able to flow without effort to all areas of the body, including the penis, erectile dysfunction will be a thing of the past and your sex life will be on and popping! Guess what? Turmeric is one of those nutraceutical that can  assist you, naturally.

Turmeric boasts a wealth of health benefits. It contains curcumin which is an anti-inflammatory and  personally helps me tremendously with endometriosis. It’s a powerful anti-oxidant which improves brain function. Turmeric lowers the risk of heart disease, (if your blood is flowing effortlessly, the risk of heart disease is lowered). I’m a cancer survivor and turmeric has been a major part of my life because of its anti cancerous properties.

Now don’t believe that drinking or eating all the turmeric in the world will eradicate all of your health conditions. If you intend to reverse your dis-ease, I strongly recommend eating foods in it’s whole form or eating as close to it’s natural state as possible. You can’t be eating at the fast food restaurants, slurping down sodas, sugary drinks, so called ‘nutritional shakes’ and processed foods with artificial ingredients, chemicals etc and expect maximum results. No, no no no no honey, that’s what caused the erectile dysfunction and other dis-eases in the first place. Give your body a break. Nourish your Temple with healing foods. Become the CEO of your health.

I’ve done the honors of taking all the guess work out for you and have created some healing juices to assist you on your  journey.

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