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Based on the concept of bio-individuality, leafy greens, fruits, natural foods from the earth – land and sea works extremely well for my body.
What is bio-individuality?
It means that there is no one specific diet that is suitable for EVERYONE. We don’t fall under the same nutritional umbrella, simply because our bodies are all wired differently. Each individual is unique. Different foods make each individual feel at there best. I love watermelon. It’s good for you, however my mother can’t stand watermelon. A vegan diet may work wonderful for some, while others may experience nutritional deficiencies or adverse reaction. Just as grains may work for one person but not the other.
Simplified: What’s one man’s food is another man’s poison.

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Due to the toxic sodium nitrate and sodium nitrites in store bought hams, I haven’t made any purchases in years. I have yet to find a nitrate/nitrite free ham. Each time I read the ingredients on ham, I keep having to throw it back in the freezer box.
I got kinda tired of that.
So, I do what I do best.
I have a tendency to buy fresh cuts of meat whenever I’m trying to avoid the chemical nasties in cured meats. In this case, I purchased the pork shoulder which looks very much like a fresh cut of ham. I was gonna season up this baby and make it magical. And yes I seasoned it with mint because there is no rule that mint should only be used for tea. It’s an excellent accompaniment to meat.
Using a sharp knife, slicing alongside the bone, I sliced the pork open to reveal all the meat and the chance to get my authentic seasonings all up in there. It still had the bone in which would add lots of flavor.

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I’ve never been one to impose my lifestyle or restrict anyone from any particular food group.
What works for you, may work not me, and vice versa. I do not believe in removing any food group from my diet. However, if I experience adverse reactions or feel a ‘certain kinda way’ from a particular food group; then I listen to my body and make adjustments accordingly. Sometimes my body doesn’t want any rice. Sometime my body doesn’t want pork or beef. Sometimes my body craves nori sheets and I will sit and eat them raw or roasted.  Sometimes my body wants flaxseeds every morning. Sometimes I crave a particular root vegetable and I just have to find that piece of yam or cassava or taro root because sweet potato just won’t do it. I’ve become so in tuned with my body and as such, I LISTEN to my body.

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Jerk pork is the business.This jerk pork was highly seasoned with herbs and spices. I personally formulate my own blend of seasoning to achieve any flavor I desire. That’s my son’s hand. He couldn’t wait to slice into this baby. He wanted ham and he got it. The best darn jerk ham ever! And because my body craves greens…the rest is history. I refuse to focus on what I can’t eat but rather on what I can eat. I can eat my own, juicy, succulent, highly seasoned ham with lots of vegetables and not worry about counting calories. Food should always be celebrated.

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Everyone has the freedom of choice. I choose to eat real food. I choose to avoid processed foods ladened with artificial ingredients and chemicals. I preach about the dangers of eating chemicals and adding unwanted toxins to our bodies. In the arena of food, I promote cooking from scratch and I choose to pile my greens on high with lots of lettuce greens, pea tendrils, cauliflower and orange segments. And you know what, the sauce from the pork is so amazing, I used it as salad dressing. I don’t bathe my salads in dressing. A little goes a long way.
Am I going to stop eating meat because of someone else’s perception? No
Will I continue to overdose on earth foods? Absolutely!

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