Millet with Oatmeal and Berries


Millet with Oatmeal and Berries

Foodies are super curious and adventurous about food. Foodies appreciate great food.  I’m a foodie. You already know that anyway. I eat for health. Even though my food repertoire may seem ginormous to you; to me, I haven’t taste tested 1% of all the food on this planet…and I intend to. So on my quest to becoming healthier, I try a variety of different foods and millet happens to be one of them.

I was inclined to prepare a huge pot of porridge when I purchased, this millet.  I can’t go wrong with porridge. I add so much spice to my porridges, I have made a believer out of folks who ‘claim’ their hatred for porridge. Most people don’t realize that the reason they dislike a particular food, is because of their first impression when they were introduced to it. Maybe the person who prepared it, didn’t do a good job. Maybe their taste buds hadn’t fully developed. It could be that they are just picky eaters. Needless to say, I have converted many with all different types of food.

Anyways, back to the millet porridge.  I knew it was going to be excellent because I paired it with oatmeal. The textures of  both ingredients added much compliment to each other, as well as  to the porridge. I really enjoyed nuttiness from the millet and the chewiness from the oatmeal. I knew it would be creamy and flavorful because I’m the spice diva, who adds spices that you have never even heard about, let alone taste,  to my porridges.  And don’t forget I make my own vanilla, that’s been maturing for months now. Nothing beats pure vanilla. Nothing beat pure food.

Berries stirred in Millet and OatmealCoconut milk makes everything taste better and I use it quite often in my porridges. It provided the creaminess and added that bonus flavor to my millet porridge. Since I’m no longer intrigued by box cereals ladened with artificial flavors, chemicals and preservatives, I prepare lots of warm cereals, and millet has now been added to my list of bomb diggity cereals. I do love my berries as well. For me, they reduce inflammation. I was like, “where did the endometriosis go? Was that for real?”  I know that berries are loaded with antioxidants but I noticed a huge difference during my cycle. Anyhow, the berries folded in, added that special touch of sweetness in every bite.

I tried the millet, love the millet will be adding it to other recipes as well. Millet you have made yourself a must have in my pantry.


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