Oatmeal – Chia – Irish Moss Porridge


OATMEAL, CHIA SEED and IRISH MOSS PORRIDGE flavored with cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamon, star anise and homemade vanilla!

I love porridge! My family loves porridge and we all have our favorites.
Growing up in Jamaica, porridge was our cereal. Before sending us off to school, my grandma would sometimes make porridge for us (my cousins and I). We didn’t have cold cereals in the mornings. In Jamaica, cornflakes is considered a luxury item because it is so expensive; and thank God it is! Now that I’m older and understands what it means to eat healthy, I can honestly say, “thank God it hasn’t been affordable to a lot of people!”
Now I did eat lots of cornflakes while living in Jamaica, but my grandma didn’t buy it on the island. My mother was living in the USA and she would send barrels on top of barrels, loaded with food and those were the times I ate cornflakes.

Now, I know the USA has unlimited boxes of cereal (because they have the SADDEST diet ever); however, in Jamaica, cornflakes is the majority preference.
Get this: we never ate it with homogenized milk.
We like it sweet and used condensed milk…and we like it to be soggy (whereas in America, no one likes soggy cereal).
If I had cornflakes for breakfast, it would be served with WARM not cold milk.
Can you believe that? Yes, our grandparents were onto some ancient wisdom back them.

I deterred for a minute, sorry about that. Now back to the real deal: The oatmeal, chia, irish moss porridge. Wow, that was a mouthful and a powerhouse all in one.
I swear, I’ve been having my daily intake of omega 3 fatty acids with this chia seed blend and my body is loving it!  I go on rampages where I sometimes make porridge every morning for like an entire week, and my body just loves it so much, that most of the times I go back for seconds and find myself wanting more later on in the day.  That is what you call LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.  Your body tells you what it needs and I love when my body craves healthy food.

irish moss DSC_0695

Irish moss is a sea moss and natural carrageenan, unlike the synthetic carrageenan (added to create that thickness) that you find in store bought almond milk and other nut milks. If you have ever made almond milk or any other nut milks, you’re probably already aware that it doesn’t have that thickness like the store bought ones.
Now you know why.
Remember that.
Irish moss is excellent for those with thyroid conditions. I usually make a batch, blend it, store it in the refrigerator and add it to my smoothies most of the time to get that added nutrition. However, in my porridge, I rinsed it a few times to get out the sand and debris, left it in the water to soak for a few hours, while changing the water maybe two or three times until it becomes translucent. Then I add it to my porridge and pour the remaining liquid on my plants. Yes, I’m resourceful.

oatmeal chia irish moss DSC_0675

Jamaica has gotten so Americanized. It’s really heart breaking to know that the S.A.D. (standard American Diet) is now plaguing Jamaica.  Some indulge in American packaged food for breakfast, with the ideation that drinking porridge is a sign of poverty.
I say to you: Return to the olden days of eating/drinking porridge.
For those who feel as if having porridge is reserved for the less fortunate; please don’t. Your health is in better shape than those who are able to afford, purchase and eat the packaged foods (the so called luxuries of life). Ain’t nothing luxurious about packaged FAKE foods with their artificial flavorings, chemicals and preservatives. Don’t allow anyone to make you feel as if you are inferior because you are drinking porridge. Go ahead, make your porridge and revel in the abundance of nutrients that it provides your body. You’re eating healthy without even trying.

When you heart desires nutrient dense meals that are comforting and nostalgic, you wake up and make OATMEAL, CHIA SEED and IRISH MOSS PORRIDGE flavored with cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamon, star anise and homemade vanilla!

Now who wants a bowl?

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