Pork Belly Frittata


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Do you journal your breakfast ideas before you go to bed at night? I do it quite often. I journal lots of things. When I wake up in the mornings, I journal my dreams, affirmations or gratitude for the day. If I wait until later in the day, I may forget intricate details of the dream. Affirmation and gratitude seals the deal for a peaceful day.

I’m big on journalling. Maybe I just like to write. If only I can find a journal with lots of space for me to write (for one day’s event). When you’ve gone onto a third page and the day is just beginning, you know you have way too much to write.  I’m always expressing gratitude and I just write, and write, and write. And sometime I have multiple dreams. Like who does that? And the scenery keeps changing locations and people. I probably eat too much or too late.
Do you have similar experiences?
Anyway I try to capture all the information on paper before my brain gets settled in for the day.

Remember that Thyme roasted pork belly with roasted red bell peppers?
Yeah, I remember it like it was yesterday.
Of course I knew  I was going to have pork belly frittata for breakfast.
Did I journal it?
Go figure!
I also knew it was going to be ridiculously d’luscious.
Cause I cooked it.
And everything I cook is boss.
I can toot my horn if I want to.
It’s my horn and I know you wanna taste my frittata.
But you can’t cause I ate it.  And my sons didn’t care to leave any of it behind. They devoured it.

Roasted sweet potatoes, red bell peppers, kale and goat cheese was added in to boost the nutritional value. I gotta get my greens in. Keeps me full all day. Whenever I eat this way, it prevents me from reaching for any kind of snacks. It’s that filling.
Because I cook a lot and enjoy cooking, most people think that I eat all day.
I really don’t. They’re often inquiring about how I maintain my weight without dieting.
Here’s a little secret: It’s all about balancing and making healthier choices.

You can add anything your heart desires to your frittata.
1) It’s cooked from scratch.
2) I can account for each and every ingredient.
3) There’s no fake food added.
4) It’s nutrient dense.
5) It keeps me energized and I may not feel hungry until the latter part of the day, where I will indulge in another nutrient dense meal.
6) I also drink about 3-4 long cups of tea per day (only because I love tea) and lots of water in between.
I don’t eat frittatas everyday, but I wanted to give you an example of what I may eat in a day and not binge on foods that aren’t nutrient dense, hence feeling healthier and happier.

How does your body feel after eating a nutrient dense meal?

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