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Unsure if your making the right food choices for you and your family?

This program is designed for those who are ready to commit to and embrace wholesome food for themselves and/or their family. Being the food detective and an expert on reading food labels, I will give your pantry and refrigerator a complete makeover by identifying ‘food like substances’ and deceptive marketing that are hindering you from achieving your health and wellness goals. I will personally come to your home, navigate through each item (can by can, package by package, box by box) to determine whether your food choices are promoting disease or health.

I will teach you how to read and interpret the ingredients on the labels, so you can develop a high level of confidence each time you grocery shop.  You will receive a personalized grocery list with foods that nourishes you naturally. I will ensure that you invest in good quality kitchenware that promotes further healing.  I will also teach you staple items to keep in stock for healthy, d’luscious meals.

By the end of the visit, you will feel empowered and confident  that you have gained an ‘eye’ for unhealthy ingredients in processed foods, as well as the ability to restock your pantry with wholesome, nutrient dense food for you and/or your family.

What you get:
1 hr 30 minutes assessment of your kitchen, pantry, and refrigerator with recommendations of food/items to integrate into your new healthy lifestyle.

(Emailed 24 -48 hrs after the makeover):
Nourish with Nature Personalized Grocery List with goals and suggestion for your next shopping trip.

Nourish with Nature Shopping Guide

Nourish with Nature Food Label Navigator

Personal food audits conducted via Phone, Skype, Photos or on location.

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