Steamed Purple Callaloo (Amaranth) with Grape and Kumato Tomatoes


Steamed Callaloo (amaranth) with boiled dumpling and coco
I was way too excited when I stumbled upon these gorgeous bunch of greens. I knew I had seen them before (on the internet). They were familiar yet somehow unfamiliar. Being an island queen, I was raised on callaloo also know as amaranth, however my eyes had yet to behold this particular variety. I’m accustomed to the GREEN callaloo but somehow was under the impression, that I had to leave the United States and visit an exotic island to find these beauties, that were divinely splashed with an essence of magenta by mother natures supernatural wand. I most definitely picked up not one, not two, but three bunches. Heck yeah!!!! Oh….food excites me!
Purple Callaloo (amaranth)

So I took them home and gave them a nice bath in my kitchen sink with some vinegar, salt and water.  I wash all my produce and vegetables in vinegar and water. It’s a natural cleanser and it gives me peace of mind. I chopped them up and kept the stems. I never discard the stems. The more the merrier. I had three bunches and didn’t need to use it all, so I bagged the excess and froze it for use on another day. You bet I’m gonna make something magical next time around!
Chopped Callaloo

I steamed the callaloo with kumato and grape tomatoes and could hardly wait to share myself a plate. These greens were tender and d’luscious and tastes exactly the same as the green callaloo.  I’m glad that I satisfied my curiosity. Man it was d’luscious!!!! It was da bomb. I’m now on the hunt for the magenta callaloo. I’ve seen those on the internet but I have yet to find them and you know I will. I thinking about buying seeds and planting some myself, but you never know what California has to offer. I mean, I lived in Florida for years and found lots of awesome produce but California rocks with unfamiliar goodies!

Steamed Callaloo (amaranth) with kumato and grape tomatoes

In the meantime watch this video and learn how to prepare this authentic dish.

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