Roasted Branzino with Farmer’s Market Finds


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I need my kitchen like orphans need love. Did you hear that? I need my kitchen like orphans need love. I live for my kitchen. Being away from my kitchen is like being in a body without breath…lifeless….without a soul. It’s my sanctuary; my place of peace; my peace of mind; it’s where I find joy; it brings me joy. It’s where I become inspired and express my creativity. I revel in being in that glorious space and state of mind.

With that being said: Please, don’t interrupt my chef life OR phuck with my kitchen OR prevent me from going into my kitchen, otherwise, depression and anger begins to set in and a whole new person, whom you have never met and don’t wanna meet, will emerge out of nowhere. It’s gonna be so bad, you’ll be wondering if you knew me all along. I’m like that about my entire house but I’m super touchy about my kitchen, as it is my main domain. When that monster raises its ugly head, I have to channel my energy into something positive, raise my vibration. come back to planet earth and find my soul again. The process is really draining.
Simply put: I NEED TO COOK!

branzino roasted DSC_0740

Wanna see me come alive? Wanna see me happy and filled with joy all the time? Wanna eat magnificently all day every day? Wanna celebrate food and life with me? Wanna eat some of this awesome roasted branzino dressed in all of my farmer’s market finds?
The solution is real simple:
Keep my kitchen clean.
Don’t keep me away from my kitchen for too long.

Nothing else in life really bothers me. Like babies need breastmilk, I simply need to cook. Each day, as I embrace my higher self, I learn more and more of my essence; of what truly defines me. I’m free spirited and adamant about not letting anyone steal my joy, but I’ve realized that I NEED to be in the kitchen, otherwise depression begins to set in. (Even when I travel, I need to find a kitchen). Those who know me well know that I take pleasure and pride in serving and nurturing others, if given the opportunity. It’s just who I am. It doesn’t matter if I’ve known you for 2 days or twenty years; I love to serve, I treat everyone as humans, without prejudice and give of myself wholeheartedly.  I wouldn’t have it any other way. That’s the true essence of Angeline.

What is your true essence?

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