Rosemary Sea Salt Turkey


Rosemary TurkeyOh where did I come up with such divinity?
It isn’t as if this is the first or last time that I’ve cooked with rosemary.
I love this herb world without end.
Did I ever tell you that rosemary is DA BOSS?
It’s a culinary classic; always have and always will be.

Did I ever tell you that I’m the Herb Diva? Well I AM.
And if ya didn’t know….now ya know.
Seriously though. Real Talk. I buy way too much herbs, which of course is a good thing because they are healing to my Temple and add such herbaceousness to EVERYTHING in the culinary imagination. Herbs evoke a renewed awakening; a distinct frenzy on your palate. There’s never a boring moment when you use herbs. I’ve even taken my curiosity to the next level by attempting to channel my inner green thumb. I’ve been successful at most of them, except the rosemary that I love and eat so much of. They never seem to thrive.
The devil is a LIAR!
I won’t stop, cause I ain’t no quitter.
In the meantime I will just have to make do with herbs that I buy from the farm or supermarket.

I’ve pimped out the turkey in many d’luscious ways and they’ve all been crowd pleasers. This was the first time that I actually allowed the rosemary to dominate and become ruler over the turkey. Dominating can sometimes become overbearing but in this case, it didn’t.  Rosemary enhances the turkey in such a way, that I had a serious urge to bottle up all the aromatics and make a perfume out of it.  The course sea salt did what it always does; rounded out all the flavors and made it uniquely exceptional.

Bread based stuffing INSIDE of the belly of the turkey really isn’t my thing. I like to stuff all kinds of AROMATICS in the belly. The kinds of herbs that releases captivating fragrances that will have you spell bound. Most individuals love the breast, leg or wing of the turkey. My most favorite part on this beautiful bird is inside the cavity, where the backbone and ribs transcends into pure unadulterated greatness. If you haven’t been enjoying the bones of this magnificent bird, please do, I beg of thee….WAKE UP!
I never discard my turkey bones….. and I pity the fool that does.

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