Salmon Head, Fried Bammy and Steamed Crackers


Waste not, want not. I eat everything….well let me rephrase that. I eat almost everything. It’s very common for me to eat offals and other parts of the animals such as the head. I LOVE fish heads. I swear all the flavors and juices are housed right up in the head. Fish is very delicate and steams in no time. I enjoy biting and chewing the bones in the heads. Bones are used to make stocks and biting into the heads releases the same unadulterated flavors on your palate. The bones are usually so tender, your can chew them and swallow or spit it out.  The choice is yours.

Salmon Head

Steamed fish is an all time favorite of mine and since I had these salmon heads, I figured ‘why not?”  So my greedy self wasn’t satisfied with just the bammy  which is made from cassava, I had to steam it with some water crackers. It’s kinda like dunking a cookie into your milk, except the crackers absorbs all the flavors released from the fish. It’s just absolutely amazing. Salmon or any other fish with okras marries well and I must say, I LOVE okras! Eating them raw or cooked evokes similar emotions. Bring me money and I will love you. Bring me okras and I will love you forever.


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