Sausage and Roasted Vegetable Pizza


Sausage and Vegetable PizzaYou didn’t think this Jamaican Diva knew how to bake pizza, did ya?
Well guess what?
I can!
Heck yeah!
There is no such thing as ‘too hard’ or ‘I can’t’ in my world. No siree bob! Shame on those words. ‘I can’ and ‘I will’ is more like it. I strongly believe in positive affirmations. I don’t care how long it takes me to learn, but I’m gonna get it.  This sausage and vegetable pizza sure proved my tenacity.

Cooking is indeed my passion.
You wanna know what really drives me to COOK FROM SCRATCH?
My Temple doesn’t respond well to preservatives and chemicals.
Have I ever told you that I’m afraid of store bought bread?
Well, it really isn’t the bread that I’m afraid of; it’s the ingredients that makes me cringe. Another pet peeve is having to squint my eyes to read the freaking fine print of ingredients, which includes about 1000 different chemicals and preservatives. That alone is enough to deter me from making a purchase.

So off to my kitchen I go to bake my own bread. Let me say this: I don’t always bake my own bread. I’d rather make quick breads like pancakes, waffles and fried dough…things like that. They are much easier.

I was beyond disgust, when I learned about azodicarbonamide, a chemical used to make shoe soles and yoga mat AND is used as an ingredient in BREADS to extend their shelf life. Since my awareness, I’ve noticed that it’s not just Subway that was using this ingredient. There are so many other breads from other companies that were doing the same thing.

I have found freshly baked bread with limited ingredients that I’m satisfied with and will purchase those occasionally. I love french breads. Anyways, I needed pizza and I needed to perfect the art of making the dough. I was on a roll. I baked pizza and focaccia for an entire week. I even got myself a pizza stone. My mother named me “Angeline” so I guess the Italian in me decided to emerge.

And the sausage on my pizza is free from sodium nitrates and nitrites. Boy I’m really into reading my ingredients huh? Packaged meats are usually preserved with nitrates and nitrites and I’ve learned that those are toxic too. So what do I do? I find meats that are cured naturally with ingredients like celery salt. It gives me peace of mind. Soon I will be purchasing my own meat grinder. Yes I take my food very serious.

Sausage and Vegetable PizzaLook at that. I did well, didn’t I? And I roasted all the veggies and blessed my pizza with them. Y’all can’t stop me now! Ange’luscious pizzeria here we come!!

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