Shredded Steak with Fluffy Eggs


Steak and Eggs
Because breakfast shouldn’t be boring…..
It’s that simple. Think outside of the box. Eat what you want. There is no such thing as wrong or right when food combinations are simply d’luscious. This is way better than sausage links. Shredded steak and highly seasoned scrambled eggs sure hit the spot.

Recycling and remixing foods are some of my strong points. If I make a huge batch of anything, you can best believe it will be transformed into various d’luscious dishes. A steak dinner is now transformed into a steak breakfast featuring highly seasoned fluffy eggs with pancakes, and compliments each other beautifully.  Absolutely divine!

As usual, everything is cooked from scratch. I wouldn’t have it any other way. No I don’t buy pancakes in a box or bag. It’s too easy to prepare. And those highly seasoned eggs are worth all the time it takes, to achieve the fluffiness that everyone in my household enjoys. I personally don’t like burnt eggs. Cooking eggs at high temperatures creates a rubbery texture which I’m not really fond of. I like to see my eggs with one uniformed color and that’s the rich yellow hue that screams: ‘come eat me now!” Yes my food really talks to me.

Can you hear it? Is it talking to you too?

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