Shrimp in Vodka Sauce


Some years ago, I walked into a restaurant for lunch in Manhattan, New York. Everything looked amazing. As you placed your order, the chef would execute directly in front of you. It was such a delight observing the chef as they played with fire, to create some of the most enticing culinary creations. I can’t recall the name or exact location of the restaurant, but I know it was in close proximity to Wall Street, where I worked at the time. A friend of mine suggested I order the shrimp in vodka sauce and I’m so glad I did.
Can you say OMG?!!!
Yes, I had to add an exclamation mark for each letter. It was that good.

Back then, I hadn’t really played with shrimp. When I say play with shrimp, I mean, I hadn’t ventured out into shrimp heaven just yet. You know how you can cook chicken a million and one different ways? I was a boss at chicken and most Jamaican delicacies BUT around that time, I hadn’t developed that creativity towards shrimp. See, there’s levels to this culinary madness and I’m so happy that I’ve achieved such growth and development in my sanctuary.

Curry shrimp was a major staple in my house. Curry simply made everything better. Also, I prepared lots of shrimp scampi but that was pretty much it. After tasting that shrimp in vodka sauce, it was on! I have replicated shrimp in vodka sauce repeatedly. My vodka sauce could easily be hooked up as an IV and administered as medicine or you could simply drink it like fine wine. Real talk. It’s creamy, velvety  and oh so comforting. Once you dive in and wrap some of that pasta with the shrimp and vodka sauce around your fork, the various notes that hits your palate are out of this world! Simply d’luscious!


I’ve been doing all kinds of fabulous things with my shrimp and I’m loving it.
Word to the wise: Play with your food.

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